VBAC after previous failure to progress from 4 days induction

Has anyone had a home VBAC after a failure to progress from induction?

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My first birth was induced at 41w3d with cervadil. I labored for about 28 hours and pushed for 2.5 hours. Then they claimed "failure to progress" and wheeled me in for a cesarean. I think the problem was I never should have been induced to begin with!

Second time I agreed to induction for VBAC at 41 weeks. I could feel my daughter was already big (9lb 3oz) and I thought it was my best chance for VBAC. Thankfully I had nothing but pitocin and fluids the whole time I was there. My daughter was born within about 12 hours. I had to battle a lot of negativity and discouragement, but it was well worth it!

Third birth I still didn't go into labor!! At 41w5d I tried acupuncture. Within an hour I was in labor and gave birth that night at home with a midwife present. Healthy, peaceful, easiest recovery ever.

I guess you are getting close? Good luck!
Not even pregnant now actually. Just wanna do as much prep and learning as I can before I get pregnant again (got pregnant without evening trying with our dd 1 month off the Pill; havent gotten a period yet and she'll be 9 months this week).
They did 2 days cervadil, then one day off, then Pitocin a whole day, let me rest overnight, another full day, then c section that night :( SAid FTP and that baby had molding @ -2 station so she was too big. When I saw her she had no molding and this was corroborated by other medical professionals in my family too, so I feel like the doc had lied to me. She is perfect and was 9 13 @ birth :)
I had tried lots of things to get labor going, including 2 rounds of accupuncture, which I hear works to kickstart labor if the baby is ready, like 70-80% of the time. So I guess I just have longer gestation times? She was born @ 42 + 2 and showed no signs of being post mature.....
It could be that you do have longer gestation times. The EDD is based on having a 30 day cycle. If yours is longer then you could ovulate up to an entire week after they think you did then they could be up to an entire week off (according to their spinning wheel I ovulated on the 13th but I actually ovulated on the 18th skewing my EDD by 5 days) . Maybe you were 41+2 and have longer gestations times. If that is the case, being as much as a week off could make a big difference.

Some studies show that women who continue to have sex regularly throughout the pregnancy were less likely to go "overdue" in their pregnancy so maybe experiment with that :)
Nipple stimulation is also an effective way to stimulate labor (but like you said only if they are ready).
Had a fair amount of sex through 1st and 2nd trimesters. Much less in the third, but used sex, nipple stim ( shower, husband, breast pump), pineapple juice, midwwifes tonics, 2 rounds of acupuncture, chiropractic, etc, etc, etc. to try to kick start labor. That should've been my cue that my baby and my body were not ready. Everything but Eggplant parmesan and castor oil! :)
Since I became pregnant my first month off the pill when I had been planning to start charting, I had no idea when I conceived either.

Hi! I did not have a home VBAC, but I did have a hospital VBAC in February 2010. The difference between my induction (ending in c-section) and my VBAC was like night and day. I went into labor on my own and had a relatively easy birth with about eight hours of labor.


The biggest piece of advice I can give a woman wanting to VBAC is to be as sure as you can possibly manage about your provider. Ask all the questions you need to ask, and if there is any wavering, don't be afraid to ask more questions and make sure that you and the provider are on the same page. Talk about your previous birth. If you want a homebirth then ask your midwife how she feels about post dates; go into detail about what you would do if you encounter this scenario again. Talk to other women who have birthed with her. Join ICAN! They are an amazing resource.

Good luck, and wishing you a happy VBAC when you're ready!

Thanks Blair! I have met a great group of women as support and just started a local ICAN Chapter actually!



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