We're forming a discussion panel of caregivers this coming January here in my state...
It's an open discussion for the community to ask questions.

As a VBAC mom, or one who is wanting a VBAC, how can we transform maternity care to better serve not just all mothers but mothers wanting a VBAC? Mothers who are concerned with the rise in cesarean sections.

What specifically would you ask such a panel?

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I would ask "what types of things are you currently doing to encourage VBAC?" I would also ask "when discussing whether the mother will try a VBAC or schedule a repeat cesarean, do you go over the risks and benefits to BOTH methods of delivery?" (follow up or clarifying question could be) "Do you emphasize the risks of VBAC and the benefits of cesarean or do you also share the benefits of VBAC and the risks of cesarean as well?" And lastly, I would ask "what are you doing to support women who want a natural childbirth?"
awesome questions thank you! if you think of any more feel free to share!



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