Hello. I am on my third pregnancy. First was fear pressured csection where sonograms predicted my daughter to be nine pounds but she was seven. Second was a triple foley catheter, pitocin induced labor. My daughter came flying out as they were preparing the O.R. for a c-section in 23rd hour of meconium. Now I am in 25th week with fraternal twins that are looking absolutely perfect. My cervix is measuring longer than normal and I want to have another vbac for their safety. I tried acupuncture, massage, oils, walking, squatting, and multiple things to get my last daughter to come because she had a severe heart defect that needed treatment immediately upon birth . We pushed to have her at forty weeks but with mutiple research and doctors who were eager to work with us in the hospital where we were we all agreed for her to be born at that time. The twins are doing so well that they are now watching me like any other normal pregnancyayt this point. I am planning to visit a midwife based facility led by an ob locally about 45 minutes away from where I live next week to discuss birthing with midwives. My perinatalogist is very supportive of another vbac but some of his associates are not as eager and I do not like the attitude on one associate that gave me severe attitude during a severe bout of morning sickness. I am hopeful and wanting the twins to come on their own and would prefer to birth more naturally. I did take Bradley method for my prior pregnancy but felt disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm from my instructor. I believe that I would benefit mor from hypnobirthing this time. Have any of you had a vbac with twins? I am terrifired of going the pitocin route again because eidurals tend to fail on me.

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Hi there!  I just birthed my identical twins via VBAC at the end of October.  I wanted it as natural as possible, but I dealt with SIUGR/TTTS concerns throughout the pregnancy and at 35 weeks and 3 days baby B stopped growing and I had to be induced.  I still managed to have a completely pain med free birth.  For inspiration, you can find my birth story and many others at the naturally parenting twins website: http://naturallyparentingtwins.net/wp/ as well as this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ghkA3WEq2E&feature=youtu.be  There is also a facebook group by the same name (naturally parenting twins) with tons of birth stories in their files (many VBAC, and even HBACs).  Another great supportive facebook group is birthing multiples naturally.  It was started by some awesome triplet moms who all birthed naturally as well.  These woman have a wealth of information, are non judgmental and are super supportive. Lastly, here is a triplet VBAC story http://www.atlantabirthcenter.org/2012/04/my-birth-story-michelles-...

It's a tough road.  ACOG guidelines and research show that twin VBACs are a safe and reasonable option, yet it is such a fight.  VBACs are hard enough, but when you add multiples in there, it is like a curse.  In my opinion, the biggest thing you can do to be successful is find a FULLY supportive provider, which is difficult.  I desperately wanted a midwife, but could not find one.  I shopped around for a provider quite a bit before settling with the person I went with.

Good luck, and please don't hesitate to ask me more questions!



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