VBAC Waterbirth in hospitals...what is the deal??

OK, it's time for a movie to be made about VBAC's, now that Ricki and Abby have scratched the surface with "The Business of Being Born."  Do you know how hard it is to find an OB who will perform vbac's?  And, on top of that a waterbirth vbac?  I need BOTH!  I'm in Atlanta for God's sake, and, aside from my personal experience, do you know how many women have to search and drive in the state of GA to find a doc who will perform this "procedure?"  The uterine rupture rate is less than 1%!!!!!!!  The dollar continues to drive everything!  Anyway, I've switched to a midwifery practice here (my ob was more than willing to let me vbac, but the hospital was against waterbirths), and I can get my waterbirth, but I can't get my vbac in the tub!!!  This is outlandish.  Is there a safer place to be (for most women, anyway), than in the water?  And I have pelvic challenges, so the water for me would be the most comfortable place!  But hospital policy is cfm w/vbac.  I have the head of ob/gyn at the hospital and my midwives fighting to turn this thing around, but if people would just do the research, read the studies, listen to the people who have been delivering babies FOREVER, this would be a no-brainer!  There's a time and a place for everything, sections, no TOL...I get that.  But it's not every time, and it's not every place.  Someone needs to do a documentary around this...I have 5 weeks to go, and I'm praying and pushing for a miracle in those next 5 weeks!  I'm pushing for this not just for me, but for women all over who are just like me.  This has been quite a journey, and it will not be complete until it becomes standard practice for total TOL w/vbac, less sections, waterbirths, and waterbirth vbacs! Anybody in Atlanta had experience around this?  Anyone know what waterbirth vbac looks like in the rest of the country?  Thoughts?????

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This is exactly why more and more women like myself (who used to think home birth was "crazy") are choosing to stay at home for birth. The ACOG keeps putting out their statements against home birth because they can see the direction the pendulum is beginning to swing. If hospitals offered women the same freedoms that they'd have at home, they wouldn't need to fear this "competition" with home birth midwives. Sadly, one of the root causes of the way birth is handled in most hospitals is the fear of liability. If we ever get our system for filing suits worked out (as in, reduce the number of frivolous lawsuits), then I think you'd see more options show up in your local L&D dept. But that's a VERY tough fix.
I completely agree...just got good news, though.  Looks like we are one step closer.  It seems as though the powers that be  at the hospital are now in agreement that vbac waterbirths are a good idea.  Now, it's just rewriting the policy :).  And the saga continues...
Our new DVD series "More Business of Being Born" will cover VBAC. :)
Well, if you need any more real life input on this one, I'd be more than happy to help.  This has been a very long journey for me, my husband, my family, my medical team, (and when I say team, I do mean team (ob/gyn, perinatologist, midwife, doula, and monitrice)), and it's still not over.  I've switched hospitals, doctors, been up and down an emotional roller coaster that just won't quit, trying to have this precious baby.  This is my 4th and last, and I'm hoping to go out with a bang!  35 weeks down, 5 weeks to go, and we are still pushing.  I'm hoping that we can get things changed VERY soon, not just for me, but for everyone.
I just had one, but it was at home, which is the only option in MD as well for VBACs.  And let me tell you, the water totally saved me.  I was in excruciating back labor and the water really helped take the edge off!  I would do anything to be in a tub for labor and delivery!  I hope you get yours!!!
How awesome!!!!!  Congrats!  I WILL get mine, no doubt about it :).  I am expecting the water to really come through for me.  Thanks for the vote of confidence!
also, you are AMAZING for forcing the hospital to change!  Most of us just got rid of the hospital to avoid the fight.  you're a brave woman!!!
Well, it's certainly not just me.  My perinatologist, who is also head of ob/gyn at the hospital, and my midwives have been on the forefront to push this forward.  It was just my case that has caused the extra push, you know?  It's amazing how God has pulled all of this together to work, so I am confident that change is very close to happening.  But thanks!
Have you contacted Dr. Joseph Tate in Atlanta?  He just delivered TRIPLETS via VBA2C, and is known by the area VBAC moms as THE go-to source for VBACs. He is known to trust women and has a very successful VBAC rate to show for it.
I do know of Dr. Tate.  He is affiliated with Emory University Midtown, which does not do waterbirths at all.  That's one of the reasons I opted against going to see him.  I also thought that I might give the midwife thing a try.  After having 3 births attended by ob's, I figured I'd go a different route.  My midwife actually is the one responsible for bringing waterbirths to Atlanta, and she has really grown the market here for w/birthing, VBAC's and natural births.  But I hear he is awesome.  PBS did a special on him, and he's been interviewed by CNN as well.  He is definitely a name here in ATL.  Are you here in Atlanta?



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