Hi all,

Im a New Zealand mum in her 2WW and its driving me nutty!

Am wanting to hear from other mums in the same position as me...

How are you passing the time?
What very early pregnancy symtoms have you been experiencing?

Im 12 dpo and have been experiencing cramping and Creamy CM, plus a bit of insomnia too.

Thanks so much in advance


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Hello Jeanne,

I knew when I was ovulating because I tend to pay attention to my body. However...one month I knew when I ovulated too and just because you may try to catch the egg on the right day doesnt mean that it will always end in pregnancy..Im sure you know that. I just wanted to say that because I tend to me very fertile and one month when I did everything right..I still didnt get pg. Some people cant feel when they ovulate..even if they pay close attention. I understand you being so anxious in having to wait right now. Good luck to you. Please let us know the results.



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