Ever since I gave birth in September, I have itchi-ness on the left side of my labia and perineum. Four months ago, I had it checked out by my GYN, and all test results (for yeast and bacteria) were negative. She thinks it is due to hormones getting back to normal. But, the discomfort persists. I do apply a topical gel from time to time (sort of like a KY jelly, but a different, British brand), but it is annoying.

Any suggestions?


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Dear Rachel,

You might want to check your estrogen level. Sometimes post partum, you get estrogen depletion and you may experience these types of symptoms in the vulva tissues. Sometimes your MD can prescribe an estrogen creame for the vulva which can help out alot. I would stop using the gel from England if it is annoying your condition.

In the meantime use some vitamin E oil on the perineum for some relief and also consider a calendula wash. Make sure to check first with your MD before trying any of these methods to make sure they are appropriate for your condition.

If you had a tear in the perineum or an episiotomy, you aslo may need to learn how to mobilize the scar tissue to keep the tissues supple and free from adhesions, which also can cause similar symptoms.




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