41 WEEKS....not a hopeful sign anywhere that he will come soon.  Any tips for a tired-of-being-pregnant mom?  And this is not my first, this is my third!  My belly measurement is the biggest our midwives have ever had at the birth center, and no, I'm not obese. :)  I've done the acupuncture "inducing" (which only works if the baby is ready), and they want to do the membrane stripping, which I'm still unsure of.  What purpose do the membranes serve anyway?  Holding the baby's head?

I always tell women to just wait it out, and let the baby come when he wants to, and now I have to follow my own advice. ha.  The irony.    

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You can do it!! Baby will be here before you know it-you've got one week left til you're overdue....hang in there!! Good luck:)
My midwives had me do a couple things to jump start my labor. First they had me drink a quart of Parsely Tea - boil a quart of water, throw in a bunch of fresh parsley, cover, take off heat, steep 20 minutes, drink a cup every half hour until done. Then they had me make a hot compress of with a warm, damp towel and some castor oil - applied to the lower abdomen (where you would normally get menstral cramps. Not sure if it was one or the other or both, but it definately got my labor going.

I hope your little guy decides to come soon.
I went to 41.5 weeks. It will definitely happen! Good luck!
Just talked to a lady last night in a Walmart checkout line....she was about to be induced at the hospital on Monday. Sigh. She was shocked at how big I was, and that the "doctors" were letting me go a week and a half over the due date. I should have told her about midwives and natural birth, but I was too tired. :)
Studies have shown that 90% of pregnancies are complete by 42 weeks, and 96% are complete by 43 weeks. Chances are very very high that even if you are not open and dilated today, within the next 7 days things will be changing dramatically! As long as you and the baby are doing well, I'd encourage you to hang in there! But you knew that already. I know it's hard to wait. I never showed any signs of labor or readiness even up to 41w5d. For me, acupuncture worked on that day (the 3rd preg). I went 2 days in a row. First session was general points. Second was OB/GYN related points on one side. I was in labor within 2 hours. Amazing! Good luck to you, Sara.

So my only tip for you is to try to put it out of your mind and distract yourself. Watch a bunch of movies, take walks, maybe have a date night. I went to the local movie theater and saw a show with my husband, and then played Dance Dance Revolution for an hour to try to put myself into labor. It didn't help but it was fun and the teenagers were very amused to see a 41 week pregnant 40 year old shakin' her booty on THEIR machine!

P.S. If you're not already doing it, you might want to say no to all sweets and juices and eat just the recommended minimum of healthy carbs to prevent getting much bigger. You do need them, but not too much.

Shari W
He finally came!! 2 weeks and 2 days overdue, but thankfully, a quick 42 minute active labor and a healthy 10 lb 11 oz baby. Thank you ladies for your help and encouragement....this new mama is VERY happy to be holding a baby right now. And on my third birth, finally the gentle water birth I've always wanted as well! Happy ending....
Congrats! Happy babymoon! Glad you got your waterbirth!
Congrats to you on your beautiful water birth and your healthy baby. Way to go!
I am thrilled for you! Way to hang in there! And boy, he's a sizable little lad! Many happy wishes to you and your family. So, how did labor start finally?
haha....I woke up at 4 am feeling like I needed to clean the house. After an hour of this, I realized, "duh, I'm having early contractions"! And he came...on his own time, I should have known. :)
Congratulations! So happy to hear your story!
Great news! Congratulations.



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