41 WEEKS....not a hopeful sign anywhere that he will come soon.  Any tips for a tired-of-being-pregnant mom?  And this is not my first, this is my third!  My belly measurement is the biggest our midwives have ever had at the birth center, and no, I'm not obese. :)  I've done the acupuncture "inducing" (which only works if the baby is ready), and they want to do the membrane stripping, which I'm still unsure of.  What purpose do the membranes serve anyway?  Holding the baby's head?

I always tell women to just wait it out, and let the baby come when he wants to, and now I have to follow my own advice. ha.  The irony.    

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I'd love to go see it - where did you post? When I click your name all I see is the comments you've left on discussions :)

I posted a blog not sure how you find that, maybe go to my page and you can find it there not really sure sorry 



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