41 WEEKS....not a hopeful sign anywhere that he will come soon.  Any tips for a tired-of-being-pregnant mom?  And this is not my first, this is my third!  My belly measurement is the biggest our midwives have ever had at the birth center, and no, I'm not obese. :)  I've done the acupuncture "inducing" (which only works if the baby is ready), and they want to do the membrane stripping, which I'm still unsure of.  What purpose do the membranes serve anyway?  Holding the baby's head?

I always tell women to just wait it out, and let the baby come when he wants to, and now I have to follow my own advice. ha.  The irony.    

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Congrats on your little turkey=-)
That's cute- it IS almost Thanksgiving, I forgot! Well, we have a lot to be grateful for...
I am due in two days so wish me luck=-)
Congratulations!! Glad to hear that he's safely here and you're happy and well!
Congratulations I envy you very much, I wish you all the happiness in the world.
Congrats on your baby!
Ok so here i am now 41 weeks and 4 days and no sing this kid is coming and i have tried it all, well almost i still have not broke down and tried the oil still cant bring my self to do it. If he does not come by tuesday my doc is going to induce he will not let me go past 42 weeks which i will be on wednsday.So not much time left, what to do??
Thanks so much that helps to hear, Its just so crazy this time around to have no sings or feelings that anything is going to happen anytime soon. I still have hope he will come i am going tomorrow to get acupuncture done so i hope that will do it this time=-)
Yes please do keep us posted! Sending you lots of baby-having vibes (and wonderful labor vibes too!)
Can't wait to hear how it goes :)

I posted my birth story its under my surrogate sons birth=-)) Finally had him Dec 7th=-) 41 weeks 6 days 



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