Does anyone know of any workshops/conventions about waterbirth, midwifery, etc.? I don't care where they are at this point, just need to know what's available out there. Thanks! :)

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You may want to try to find a meetup group in your area. I found a home birth group in my area on Everyone meets once a month to tell birthing experiences, and answer questions you may have about homebirth. Included among the group are midwives, doulas, La Leche League leaders, and those that have had home births and water births. Hope that helps!
I'll look on that website, but waterbirth and home birth are not available in my area. I will have to go to a birthing center 4 hours away to have a waterbirth. There are only 9 midwives within a 100 mile radius of where I live and none of them will do waterbirth or homebirth :( I'm hoping to help change that, though! :) Thanks for your help!
I couldn't find any meetings anywhere near me. Thanks though! :);jsessionid=34C3C2FE845739C84D9...

Barbara Harper is always doing trainings and workshops
Yeah I've been on a lot. There are only 2 more workshops schedule for this year in the US and they're both within the next 3 weeks, one in Boston and the other in Salt Lake City. I have my own business and there's not enough time to contact my clients and find someone to cover for me while I'd be gone. Hopefully they'll put up their 2011 schedule soon and I'll be able to plan for one of those. Thanks! :)



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