I copied this from another site. This concerns a local OB that is supposed be my back up doctor, and is a physician who is dedicated to normalizing birth. He's also a big supporter of midwives. I'm disgusted that this is occurring and if any of you out there want to get involved to help you can join the birth action coalition. http://birthactioncoalition.com/

Posting from one local ICAN chapter:
Subject: Local Doctor (Dr. Stuart J. Fischbein MD FACOG) being punished for violating hospitals VBAC ban.

St. Johns Regional Medical Center has notified Dr. Stuart J. Fischbein MD FACOG, BAC Medical Advisor, that a peer review process is beginning due to his violations of hospital policy. The fact that Dr. Fischbein has attended VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean) at the Pleasant Vally campus in Camarillo was cited as a reason for the peer review process. The ultimate aim of the peer review process is to have Dr. Fischbein's medical staff privileges removed. Should the Hospital's peer review be successful in revoking Dr. Fischbein's admitting privileges, it would mean that neither he, nor the two Certified Nurse Midwives in his practice would be able to attend any births at either the Oxnard or the Camarillo Hospital.

In addition, it would mean that Dr. Fischbein would be unable to provide back-up services to any clients of out-of-hospital midwives . This would mean that women giving birth at home or in a birth center in Ventura County, would likely have to do so, without any "official" (ie. on the record) back up OBGYN, which could mean that the midwife is open to persecution and arrest for violating a requirement of her license.

The Birth Action Coalition Board of Directors has approved a motion to implement a fundraising drive for a Birth Choices Legal Fund. Our first project that will receive funds from this account will surely be Dr. Fischbein, as his fight against St. John's is likely to be long & costly. A fundraising planning meeting has been scheduled for 6pm, Thursday August 20th, at Sunrise Birthing Center, 12 N. Ash Street, Ventura, CA 93001, all interested are invited to come!

The Birth Action Coalition will also be exploring other ways we can support the effort to ensure that hospitals are empowering their doctors to provide Full Informed Consent and Right to Refusal of Treatment to the women who choose to birth there. This may include a letter writing campaign, contacting the media and having community members (that means you!) contacting the media & hospital, protests etc. Please let us know what you are willing to do to help Speak Out For Birth Choices!

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