It was a mixed event tonight. We were able to watch and listen to Abby and Ricki talk, but we were unable to ask questions. The transmission was very delayed and broken. However they group stayed with it for about an hour. They enjoyed what they did see and appreciated the effort made to have the event.

They were hoping the the transcript of the evening would be on the web site.

The question they wanted to ask is how do they see us being able to turn the tables so that women are being able to have a physiological birth versus medical birth . Evidence based medical practices, and truly having informed consent.

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I only got to tune in to the last half of the second chat, but I noticed the severe lag and broken transmission. I wasn't able to get a question in, either. But despite all that, I was more disappointed by seeing only 54 viewers. I sure hoped there would be hundreds there.
It was still great information and it was fun to see Abby and Ricki. I hope they do this on a regular basis.



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