Join the webchat planned for tomorrow May 13. Instructions below:

Thanks for your patience as we worked out the easiest way for everyone to participate.
The live webchat with Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein will be May 13 at BOTH 7pm EST and 7pm PST. You will need to go to, and Sign In as a member (or Sign Up if you have not yet done so).
The video feed itself will start at 6:45pm EST & PST to give everyone a chance to set up but Ricki & Abby will come on at 7pm.
On the home page you will see a notice (being added on May 13) to “Click Here” for Web chat. This will lead to a screen on which you can watch Ricki & Abby’s webchat. You may see a large Arrow on the video chat screen. Click on that to Play.
To Ask Ricki and Abby questions about “Your Best Birth” you have two options:
1. Email any advance questions prior to the time of the web chats to Please specify your name/group name and the time of the webchat you will be watching, OR
2. Once you are on the page for the webchat on, you will see below the video screen a Chat Box into which you can type questions for Ricki & Abby. This can be done live and during the broadcast.

To watch the image full screen and not on a small video screen, you click on the small "x"-like symbol on the lower right hand corner of the video screen. However note that if the image is full screen, you will not be able to type questions into the chat box at the same time. To switch back from full screen to the smaller screen with the chat box, press ESC key.
To set the volume/sound you can click on the volume symbol on the lower right corner of the video screen, as well as adjust the volume on your computer, speakers or monitor. Note that though you can hear Ricki & Abby, they cannot hear you.
Each webchat will be approximately 30-45 minutes in length. If you have a panel or other experts involved with your own event, you should plan to have them speak before or after the web chat. To find out more information on “Your Best Birth”, please go to

Please email or should you have any questions.

Thanks for participating!

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Looking forward to joining in
It's nice to see someone taking a stand on this issue again. Giving birth has taken such backwards strides in the last 25 years... it sickens me to think of how casually people refer to 'cesareans' as 'normal' ways of having a baby.
It's all messed up... and turned completely upside down. Surgical deliveries should be the rare thing, not the norm...
Mothers, PLEEEEEEEASE retake control of your bodies and your babies!!!

((And as a random, aside thought: Could there possibly be a connection in the skyrocketing rate of ADD, ADHD, and autism to the rates of medicated births in this country? Think about it!))
I look forward to watching the webcast! This book was definitely an eye-opener for me and I think all women should join this movement.



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