Did your doctor or midwife really explain the risks of induction?

Each induction method carries with it certain risks…I’m just going to quickly list the risks of choosing to induce AT ALL….
• Prematurity – even slight prematurity carries risk…even a week or two!
• Cesarean – double the risk for a first time mother
• Uterine rupture – even if you’ve never had a cesarean!
• Fetal Distress – relatively common!
• Induced labors can be more painful – if you get drugs, then you must include the risks associated with those as well!
• Need for more interventions (IVs, continuous fetal monitoring, etc.)
along with all of the risks associated with those interventions
• Women are left believing that their bodies are not able to birth a baby.
• Asynclitic presentation of baby’s head
• Placenta abruptia

The above list isn’t specific to any one method…inducing you AT ALL carries these risks! There are other risks (such as prolapsed cord, amniotic fluid embolism..) that can be with individual types of
induction methods – but this list of risks comes with just the choice
to medically induce, regardless of method. It’s not a benign
procedure…and it’s not just a decision to give birth. You are
interfering in a process that has been perfected over thousands of
years and yes, the consequences can be grave. Please ask yourself – is
there a pressing reason to induce? Is there a medical issue causing it
to be unsafe to you or your baby to continue the pregnancy? I know you
are excited about meeting your baby, but are you willing to be patient
for just a few more days…aren’t you worth it? Isn’t your baby worth it?

This discussion was taken from Nurturing Hearts Birth Services

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I wasn't just encouraged to induce, I was told that if I didn't induce I would probably have a c-section because the baby would be 9 lbs or more. The primary consideration was baby's size. However, my body was definitely not ready (a Bishop's score of a 2-3) and I narrowly avoided a c-section. I would never do that again!
I wouldn't say that I was encouraged to be induced, I believe my midwife only mentioned it once or twice. I had SPD and Pre-Eclampsia so I would err on the side of there being a reason for it. But ultimately, it wasn't needed and my son was born the day before the induction (which would've been membrane sweeping) was due to happen.
This is one of the reasons why I switched from a doctor in a hospital to a midwife at home....at 8 months along! I couldn't get the doctor to confirm he would follow our wishes, and our birth plan. He just kept saying that most women want a gentle birth, and most of the time it doesn't happen, so "you never know". I knew I didn't want to be induced. With my second child they found that I was running out of amniotic fluid, he was so big he was using all of it :), and they said if nothing changed in 2 days I would be induced in the hospital and probably a c-section. So I asked ALL the wise women I knew- midwives, naturopaths, acupuncturists, etc....and I followed their advice exactly....eat lots of goji berries, drink TONS of pear juice, take warm baths, and stay lying down as much as possible. 2 days later the amniotic fluid had gone from a 2 to a 10! And I was "allowed" to go back to our midwives birth center, to wait for when the little guy chose to come. I'm SO grateful these women knew what would help, because I was afraid of the hospital and inducing. My son came weeks later- 2 1/2 hour labor, perfectly healthy 10.2 pound baby...all gentle, no problems.
How did they check your amniotic fluid? How did the doctors know your fluid was low? Thanks for the tips about goji berries and pear juice. I'll remember that if I need it in the future.
Oh, they saw the that fluid was super low on an ultrasound. My midwife ordered it because she thought something might be wrong....smart lady. I was just grateful we could get the fluid back up! Seriously, I got so sick of drinking pear juice and eating goji berries. :) But it worked...



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