How does your pregnancy diet differ from your non-pregnant diet?  Tell us what foods you're eating to help your baby grow.  What are you craving?

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My diet isn't a nutritionist's pride and dream but it is better than it was pre-pregnancy.

I make sure that I get lots of protein everyday and drink lots of milk and fortified orange juice. I do eat more junk/processed foods than I should but I have also increased my fruit intake.

As far as cravings go, most of them are rather healthy such as broccoli, falafels, yogurt and granola. The only "weird" craving I get is for Pepsi or Coke, this is weird for me because I could go for years without drinking any soda before getting pregnant and now I must have some several times a week.
I'm eating sardines, eggs, nutritional yeast, manchego cheese, farmer cheese, lentils, navy beans, vegetables, fruit, oatmeal, millet, lamb, turkey, yogurt, kefir, rice, rice cakes, peanut butter, dark chocolate. I use ghee for frying eggs and olive oil and lemon on salads. I've also been using real salt or celtic sea salt to taste and I'm drinking water with lots of lemon squeezed in.
Now that I'm pregnant, I eat two eggs every day and at least 2 cups of milk every day. I also have one glass of soy milk per day. I try to eat a yukon gold potato 5 nights per week, even though that doesn't always happen. I've given up cold cut meats in my sandwiches, which is really difficult for me. I make sure I'm getting 80-100 grams of protein a day. I don't eat regular breads like white or whole wheat; now that I'm pregnant, I stick to Kamut and spelt breads. There's a bakery nearby that sells these breads fresh, and I love having their stuff. I couldn't stand chicken in the first trimester, but once that passed I was back to eating chicken all the time as I did before pregnancy. I do sometimes try to get organic versions of chicken and other meat, just because I'm a little unsure about all the hormones in regular chicken. And I eat way more fruit and yogurt now that I'm pregnant compared to before pregnancy. I won't lie, I have to work really hard to eat enough greens per day, but I've really been trying. My husband has been helping me to remember too :)

I don't really crave sweets, but there's this great Lebanese restaurant near us, and I often crave their food :). And every once in awhile, I have to drink ginger ale, even though I know that's not the best for the baby :(.
What's funny is that when my wife was pregnant with our daughter, she craved Boston Market all the time. We normally eat only home cooked organic foods but during her pregnancy, we ate at Boston Market at least once or twice a week.
2 years later, she suddenly had a craving for Boston Market so I joked that she was pregnant. Well, a few weeks later, we found out that she was pregnant with our son!
So now we know how to tell when she is pregnant.
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I agree with what the post by jenn george, natural and organic foods during pregnancy is a good solution for our baby's growth. ~ Keluarga



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