When I deliverd my baby I didn't know of the existence of a postpartum doula. Do you know what she can do for you? Maybe a postpartum doula who reads this can answer this question. And maybe you have experience with one. Shoot;-)
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a postpartum doulah is there to assist a mother adjust to motherhood. when we are pregnant we bond with our baby while in the womb, but when the baby comes out we have to learn each other all over again and you're tired. so you need rest and a doulah allows for that to happen. you rest and the daddy rest and the doulah watches over the baby and makes sure that you have plenty food to eat and does very light house keeping. by know means is she a nanny. just a birth keeper
The postpartum doula cares for the new mother, so that the mom can care and bond with her baby. My services are special for each family. I assist with breastfeeding, answer any questions that the parents have, prepare small meals, ect.. I bring the calmness to the new family.

I am a postpartum doula and I am there for total support for the WHOLE family. I am there to make sure mom, dad and baby are bonding. I support and encourage breastfeeding, but also follow what ever the family has decided. I personally make sure the family has a meal prepared for dinner each day I work, as well as prepare healthy snacks for mom thoughtout the day. I am there to educate the family on baby care and provide professional referrals. I do light housekeeping, including laundry. If there are old sbilings in the family I will also support the parents with them. I topically work for a family for 3 to 6 weeks. My job is to work myself out of a job, by teaching my families all I know. This way they will feel confident enough to do it on their own. When a mom can get a shower & take a nap, she feels like she can handle so much more. I feel a postpratum doula reduces the risk of postpartum depression and increases the chances of exclusive breastfeeding success.




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