I am just wondering if you ladies could give us some "outfit" recommendations for Birthing~ I don't want to spend a lot of money but want to comfortable? Any ideas?

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haha. I wore nothing- just the birthday suit for both births! I think if you're not shy, you'll realize that clothes are really annoying....of course, I do understand that you can't just go running naked down a hospital corridor. :) I had my boys at home and in a birth center, so I don't know the rules of hospital rooms either. Good luck!
For homebirth I wore a bathrobe most of the time. It's all about comfort and it's nice to not have to strip clothes off when you're hot or ready to push...just wear whatever you are comfy with.
I was at the hospital with my second and after being in that hospital gown..it was soo uncomfortable, I wore one of my husbands tee shirts....it was MUCH more comfortable, and it got ruined, so what ever you wear, don't be to attached to it! I am having my first home birth with my third, i will probably wear nothing or a robe, anything comfortable and easy to take on and off. Good Luck!
I purchased a super soft short tank style night gown from target for my second birth... black :) labored in it at home and wore it while delivering at the hospital... write it into
my birth plan that I'd be wearing it and not a hospital gown. I love that I have a connection to that gown... it's special eveytime I wear it.
I wore an old comfy nightgown that I'd enjoyed throughout my pregnancy. It seemed fitting to birth in it. I never really got irritated with wearing clothes like some laboring women do, I prefer having something over my boobs at least. Oh, and as far as water births, a dark colored bra tank thing works great!
Thanks Emily! I appreciate your input...great advice on the tank thing!!
and Lisa... pick up a pair of slippers for the hospital... fun to have something cozy to walk around in. congrats!!
OOh yes! I always treat myself to a brand new pair of slippers in my bag for each birth! this time they are leopard print fuzzy flipflop style. sa-weet! I can hardly wait...
I just wore the hospital gown, I didnt want anything of mine getting ruined, and most of the time it was stripped off by the time I actually was pushing anyways. and no bra.

comfort is key though... whatever you decide!
For my hospital births I wore the hospital gown because I didn't want to ruin anything of my own. For my home birth I labored in a light blue mumu (Hawaiian style house dress that's really billowy and loose with frilly cap sleeves), and when I was in the birth tub I wore a long brown tank top. Anytime I got out of the tub I wore a robe over my tank. None of my stuff was ruined in my home birth, and I was very comfortable. My midwife suggested not having anything red at the birth, because red isn't a very relaxing color. She actually asked my husband to change out of his red shirt when I was in labor.
I just wore big t-shirts at the birth centers I was at and usually ended up with nothing by the time I gave birth:) My hospital births, I wore the gown. I would wear my own t-shirt there though if I had another one. I would bring a robe for the hospital too.
Thank you to all of you for your help!



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