What Do You Know About Progesterone Supplementation After Conception?

     I am expecting my first baby in December.  I have never been pregnant before, therefore never had a miscarriage.  I had small amounts of brown spotting beginning week 8 through 10;  looked like the same sort of discharge on the last days of a period.  During the 10th week, I had met with my midwife and told her about the spotting (which I was not concerned about because the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book said that spotting is common in normal pregnancies and some women spot on and off throughout their whole pregnancies).  My midwife drew my progesterone levels along with my other prenatal labs and found everything to be very healthy and in a normal range... that is, except my progesterone (21.1 ng/mL), which was on the lower side.

     My midwife follows NaProTechnology / Pope Paul VI Institute protocol (http://www.naprotechnology.com/progesterone.htm).  She prescribed Progesterone in oil 100mg twice a week via IM injection, Zone 2 protocol, and started the supplementation by week 11.  Every two weeks I have had my levels checked; at week 13, I was still in Zone 2, week 15 my levels came up to Zone 3, and so, was able to decrease the shots to once a week.  Now at 17 weeks, I am in Zone 1 again (I believe 26 ng/mL), so now I am up to 200 mg twice a week ::sigh::

     I got a bit frustrated and feel a little alone with this whole supplemental business and really need to hear from you ladies out there.  I have never heard of such a treatment before;  looks to me like the use of supplemental Progesterone following conception is a newer method of improving the health of the placenta, uterus, and ultimately the baby.


     So, who out there has experienced using supplemental Progesterone during pregnancy, and what have you learned about it?


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I did it with my surro before The IVF and  for 12 week in to the PG so basically 12 weeks after. Since it was for a different reason I cant give advice on your situation but can say from my its so you dont miscarry, if your levels are not right you can miscarry or so I was told. I would not feel bad about it and just see it as what you need to do for your baby. There are plenty of women who have to do one thing or another to get there baby. =) Good luck and wish you a happy heathy PG!!!
It does prevent miscarriage.  It is a bit silly to get frustrated over a simple treatment... especially knowing what other women have to go through, I have it very easy.  Thank you for your encouragement, Samantha.



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