What happens when we eat Stressed, Hormoned, and Drugged Animals During Pregnancy?

While doing some research for our book "Super Baby" we came across some interesting studies:

“Mothers who ate beef from conventionally raised cattle during pregnancy” was linked to
“lower sperm counts years later in their adult sons,” reports Dr. Alan Greene, in Raising
Baby Green. He is referring to a 2007 study published in the Oxford journal Human
Reproduction, whose researchers were studying the effects of steroids and xenobiotics
in cattle feed. The study found that the moms who ate the most conventional beef gave
birth to the sons who went on to have the lowest sperm counts, says Dr. Greene, “and
they were three times more likely to be infertile.”

Unfortunately, the problem does not lie with beef, but in all conventionally farmed
animal foods, including poultry, pork, fish, eggs, and dairy products. “It would be safe to
say that 100% of all commercially farmed animals that end up on your plate are on
prescription drugs. So, we’re eating sick unhealthy animals that are on drugs and it’s
producing sick unhealthy humans that are on drugs.” says Chek.

Chek continues, “The USDA has had so many problems with diseased animals that
they’ve had to change the standards of what is allowable for human consumption…So
much diseased meat is passing by inspectors that they just can’t keep up.”

According to Chek, the following things have been approved by the USDA for human
• Cancer
• Pneumonia
• Glandular swellings
• Sores
• Infectious arthritis
• Diseases caused by Intestinal worms
• Tumors (inspectors are expected to cut out the tumor and allow the bird to pass)

According to Chek, the spokeswoman for the Agricultural Departments Inspection and
Safety System, Carol Blake, said: “When I started inspecting, inspectors were looking at
13 birds a minute, then 40, and now its 91 birds a minute.” Inspectors are expected to
identify and remove diseased animals, even though many diseases tend to manifest inside
the animal.

Fallon and Enig write the following about the renowned cancer specialist Virginia
Livingston-Wheeler, “Most chicken and nearly half the beef consumed in America today
is cancerous and pathogenic. Her research has convinced her that these cancers are
transmissible to man.”
The primary philosophy of You Are What You Eat is that sick drugged animals create sick
drugged humans. We pass all of it to our children.

Hormone and Drug Tip:
Meats, dairy, and eggs that are labeled “organic” are not legally permitted to be given
hormones or drugs of any kind.
Stressed Animals Tip:
Local farms that are “grass fed” and “free range” usually employ the most humane
treatment of animals. Unfortunately, even mass-production organic farms often endure
less-than-desirable conditions. You can probably assume that almost all conventional
commercial farms provide poor conditions for their animals. If you are passionate to
change the way animals are treated, you must vote with your dollar and purchase from
local farms. You can find local farms at eatwild.com or do a google search for local
farms in your area. You should feel free to ask questions and visit the farm.

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OMG!!! I am switching to only organic, free range meat! I had NO idea the USDA was so lenient on what was acceptable for human consumption! I wonder if these *inspectors* ever actually eat this meat....
That is a great question! Does anyone know an inspector for the USDA?! I would love to do an interview!
Unfortunately, I have not found any local farms that raise chickens or cows, I will check out our local farmers market on wed. There are some farms about 2 hours away, but thats a drive, and the good stuff (chicken breast) in my area is 8$ a pound! I never thought I'd say this, because I was raised a vegetarian and always hated it... I may become a vegetarian! I have had enough health problems, and ingest enough toxins, just from the air I breath, I don't need to be eating cancerous chickens!

I would like to interview an inspector too... maybe we can find one and see if they feed his crap to their kids!
Some farms deliver! We use a farm that delivers every other week and a drop off point. Ask around, especially at the farmers markets! There may be a delivery fee so see if you have a friend who may also want free range chickens!

Also if you eat beef, there are places that will actually ship the beef to you, grass fed, free range. Again it usually comes in large quantities so you may want to invest in a deep freezer or find a friend!

Yeah, imagine the life of the inspector...I bet they are blind to it all...
www.diamondorganics.com offers free range chicken beef and other products for delivery. I have never ordered from them so I do not know the cost but it may be worth looking into.
Thanks! I will have to look into it. But if the cost is too out there, I may just give up meat all together. I can buy enough tofu for one meal for the same price as regular chicken breast for one meal. Sad but true. Organic too! It looks like I have more research to do...



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