I am a small framed woman with huge nursing boobs :o)  (Motherhood has be at a 36 F - I didn't even know bras went to F until I had a baby!) I have always purchased my nursing bras at Motherhood Maternity (because it is in the mall - easy), but I feel like I only have two options.  I can get full coverage but no suport, OR suport but my breasts are falling out because the cups are cut so low (even the expensive Pea in the Pod one).  What is your favorite brand of bra and where do you buy them?

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I loved sports bras they are supportive and easy to move to the side they also work well with most outfits, but when I had to use a bra bra target had some bras I liked. I am also the same size as you too=)
Try Anita nursing bras.  I have 36H boobs (bigger right after birth) and I LOVE anita.  They are expensive but I have 4 of them and I've been nursing #3 for 2.5 years now.  they hold up.
I am in your same boat! Small frame but nursing gave me large boobs. I had to resort to front close bras, couldn't find a good nursing bra that fit and gave enough support. Plus we still want to look good right? :) So for now those will do for me!

So annoying isn't it?  I mean, I look at myself and I'm not that out of proportion people!  Where did you get your front close bras?  I looked at Anita bras as mentioned above.  They look really nice but I think they are too stretchy (at least from the description).  I have a couple "post-partum" bras that are like that (from my first pregnancy almost 5 years ago) that are supper comfy, but don't get the ladies up where they need to be.  Which is fine in the first couple weeks, but after that not so acceptable.  This is my 3rd baby and he is a monster (a month ago at 6 moths he was 22 lbs and he's only gotten bigger since plus he doesn't want regular food, just breast milk).  So I went down in size early on, but have actually gone back up because he eats so much.  I just bought a Pea in the Pod 36E, which fits OK but I find I still get boob-muffin top happening.  Like they need more attention, right?  I wish I could start my own line of nursing bras!

I love bravado. I also bought bras at zappos.com and herroom.com
Ps I blossomed to a 34 H!  Any bra line oprah recommends I'm willing to try as well
I just bought a Elomi Seamless Underwire Nursing Bra Style 3912 from Amazon (love Amazon - people who liked Anita and Bravado mentioned it).  I will post if it is a good one once it comes.  From the reviews I've read, it is thick (helpful to hide embarrassing aspects of nursing) but not padded.  They are in European sizes so that was a little confussing - I hope I brought the right size.  But the brand Elomi puts out bras for busty ladies - starting at size D and going way up from there.
I have been wearing my new Elomi Bra for a few days and it is THE BEST!!  If you have breasts a D cup or larger, I suggest this bra.  These people know how to make bras for well endowed ladies.  I was amazed when I put it on - oh so thats where my boobs should be!  No muffin top, no sliding of the straps, the band stays against my body - Just love it.  When you order, make sure you order the European size - that was a little confussing for me on amazon. So I am a 36F American size, but I ordered 36E to fit the European size.  Hope this helps to ladies in my same boat!!



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