What's your fav? Are you a prefold/cover mom? AIO's? Pockets????

We use a mixture here but mostly use pockets.. Bum genius and fuzzi bunz!


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Pockets here too, I have a lot bumGenuis one-size and I also like their organic AIO one-size dipes.
I am a cover and prefold mom! I found a cute pattern for making some fitteds so I might try that, but still under a cover. I like it simple!
I am a big fan of BumGenius both AIO and One Size!
We use pockets, mostly BG. I also use fitteds (Kissaluvs) and prefolds, especially on laundry day.
I just got some itti bitti nappies and looove them, really trim and absorbant! I found the elastic in the legs of the bumgenius went, although I think I have the version 2, I have heard they fixed this problem with the version 3.
We love bumgenius, have also tried imse vimse, and prefolds with covers. I must say that bumgenius 3.0 all in one is so easy...and that helps!
I use bumGenuis one size organic love them & I use prefolds with G diapers waiting for G diapers to come out with their cloth inserts. I was told mid June.
My baby isn't due until September but I've finally decided to go with Gro Baby All In One (b/c it seems fool proof).
Both of my girls rashed really bad from fleece pocket diapers, so I personally LOVE Green Mountain Diaper Company's unbleached cotton prefolds fastened with a Snappi, and with a mix of covers (namely Thirsties and Bummis), though wool would be my number 1 choice. They wash so clean compared to the thick fleece inserts, so we had less odor and staining, and best of all, no rashes. I have to say I also appreciate the low price and natural aspect of cotton.
I bought a bunch of AOI's and some pockets. I would say to go snaps when possible. Velcro wears out. Although, my favorite ones so far are the grobaby's and they are velcro, but it's a unique type of velcro that seems will never lose it's stickiness. I think they fit the cutest too. I really love the bumgenius organic cotton snap one size diapers. I also like the Haute pocket diapers for night time. Although, I think the liners on the more synthetic options hold in the stink way more than the organic.
We are using Bumgenius 3.0 and knickernappies onesize and I like them both, but the easiest to use and best fit are the BG 3.0. I started my daughter on G diapers but found them much too difficult and not economical so I went with disposables for awhile, since switching her to all pockets she is much happier and I never have any leaks anymore. On the rare occasion that we use a paper diaper it always leaks.
i love fuzzi bunz



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