I took New Chapter's Prental Vitamin!  a "whole foods" vitamin rather than a synthetic vitamin.

Most vitamins today are made with profits first in mind, rather than health. The typical
prenatal vitamin contains about 50 different vitamins and minerals. Clever marketing
often suggests they are “100% Natural.” But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
provides almost no regulation over the term “natural.” NaturalNews.com reports, “This
lack of consistency has led to a wide range of products being claimed as ‘natural,’ claims
that have even sparked some lawsuits.” The fact is that most prenatal vitamins are
synthetically derived, processed with chemicals, and missing quite a few ingredients.

Synthetic Vitamins may Deplete Vital Secondary Nutrients
In “Real or Synthetic: The Truth Behind Whole-Food Supplements,” chiropractic doctor
Daniel Chong states “If parts of your processed prenatal vitamin are missing, those
missing parts will be taken from your body's stored supply.” This means that every time a
pregnant mom ingests those 50 vitamins and minerals without the additional 10,000
secondary nutrients, her body must scramble its own secondary nutrients in order to
balance the system. This may unnecessarily deplete vital secondary nutrients.

Many years of evolution have taught the pregnant body to utilize vitamins as they appear
in real food, not as isolated concoctions. Today’s pregnant mom has already been forced
to muster her nutrient reserves for a growing baby. Isolated vitamins may place additional
demands on those nutrients.

another popular whole foods prenatal is by rainbow lite

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I had taken New Chapter's prenatal then settled on Garden of Life's brand for prenatal. I also take Ocean's Mom from Garden of Life. Both are a good "whole food" vitamins, of course when I ask the Doctor if they can prescribe a whole food vitamin they look at me like I am nuts and they have no clue what I am talking about.
yeah, it seems the only vitamins they prescribe are the ones they get a kick back for...pregnant moms really need to educate themselves when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth in the united states. We want to think the doctors will guide us but...well we may not always get enough information. This is one reason why i love most midwives, they take more time to explain and give recommendations but even so...every pregnant mom needs to do her own research !

i will ad those prenatals to my list of whole foods vitamins!



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