What struck you most in those first days after delivery?

There is so much happening in those first days. What struck you most?
I remember the face of my little one and how mesmerized is was of it. I couldn't stop watching. And how nature did it's job and everything fits in like clockwork. Amazing that your breasts start making milk and your little one knows what do. The umbilical cord, meconium, the tears and emotions just to mention a few. If you really think about it (now) because at that time I just did it, too tired to think. Maybe that's nature too.
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Isn't it amazing. I do too remember gazing at my son. Remarkable. Thanks for your reply Jenn. Please join the group First Days on this website for more answers to this question.
Gea Meijering
she was so beautiful! i was awestruck. but i never knew babies could start screaming and not stop for months. i'd heard of "colic" but noone said it could begin within hours of birth. it was so overwhelming! after a 36 hour natural labor/delivery i was so exhausted and had send hubby home to rest and she just began to scream. i tried swaddling, nursing, shushing, everything i had learned. after about 8 hours of no success in calming her, i resorted to giving her to the nurses. something i never thought i'd do , but i was just so exhausted having not slept for 3 days. i was so looking forward to the babymoon period of bonding and relaxing and healing, but it was not as i had imagined/fantasized. it was so hard and i don't think anyone could be prepared for that intensity after such a long grueling process. now she's 2 and she is an extremely smart, healthy, happy and intense child. but, man, did that period of time traumatize us. i hope noone has to go thru this like we did, but it does end and eventually you block out most of those first few months ;) hopefully someday soon hubby will get past the trauma so we can work on a #2 and i just pray we can have that babymoon period we missed out on.
What struck me most in my first days after childbirth was how amazing it was that this little boy was INSIDE of me just days earlier. What also struck me was how weak I felt. I guess I thought the hard part was over after I gave birth. I hopped off the bed, took a hot shower, I felt great. The next morning it felt like a train hit me, thank goodness for ice packs!!!
I think the feeling I remember the most is how utterly clueless I felt. You spend 40 weeks being so hyperfocused about the pregnancy and the 'big day' of the birth. Then hours or even days in labor and it seems like it will never end. Then all of a sudden it's over, the baby is there and I remember that definite "Oh my god, what now?" feeling. Especially since we were in the hospital for five days postpartum with no TV, phone or anything, making it hard to feel any sense of normalcy or to 'get on with life'.



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