I am a doula and the owner of a newly launched company called YourBirthBag.com.  It is a webstore that sells items for moms to pack in their backs for birth...along with great bags to pack everything in. 


What was the best thing that you packed for your birth?  Was there one item that you couldn't live without?  What could you have done without?


As a doula, I am really loving battery operated candles right now.  I think they create a peaceful environment instantly.  I am also really excited about cute hospital gowns called Gownies


Tell me about your bag!!




Alice Turner

Owner and Doula


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My favorite items in my own bag were my relaxation CDs and my lip balm.
A brand new nursing nightgown. Makes you feel all pretty:-).
mine was a power bar, since they wont let you eat in the Hospital. You can eat it quick and gives you some much need energy. I was so happy i brought them. they where for my hubby so he would not have to leave to get a snack but i ended up eating them
In all honesty? Snacks for my husband :)
Truly you don't need much. I'd say the less the better. For us, crossword puzzles or whatever books we were reading and snack to sneak to me and for my husband were our core "products".

Burts bees lip balm! Peppermints and gum!

a breastfeeding pillow. when you don't know what you're doing and already don't have enough hands, it's way too hard to be adjusting regular pillows all the time



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