When did you go into labor? What time was your baby born? And how was your birth?

One of the biggest factors for determining a healthy mom and child is timing of
childbirth. Like other day-active species, humans give birth most often at night. Nighttime labor and delivery offers four specific benefits for pregnant women, according to The Body Clock Guide to Better Health: two hours less labor, less bleeding, and fewer complications.
In addition, their babies are found to be in better shape. Paul Chek, author Eat Move and Be Healthy adds that sensitivity to pain differs markedly over a 24 hour cycle.  It is also likely that pregnant women experience less childbirth pain at night.

When did you go into labor?  What time was your baby born?  And how was your birth?

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I went into labor around 2 am on June 2. I woke up and told my husband, hey i think i'm having contractions. He kept falling asleep but I was excited...but knew if I was really in labor I better sleep.

I got a call from the birth center around 6 45 am (I was studying to be a midwife at the time) to come in to coach a mom in labor and I happily responded "Im in labor!" Shari said well when are you going to come in to get checked. I knew I was in early labor so i waited until 10 am and I was 3 cm so we went to lunch and rented a couple of movies. Well my labor completely stopped and after the movies my husband said, well do you want to have this baby tonight or what?

We turned off the movies dimmed the lights and just hung out. Within minute my contractions came back! Around 9 pm I knew I was in active labor I felt the intensity rise, and I had seen it so many times in other births.

My husband checked me and thought i was around 6cm.

We go to the birth center and I was 7cm! I climbed right into a warm bath and thought i was in heaven! Labor wasn't so bad:)

At 3:47am June 3, I pushed out my little man, in the water, in 15 minutes!

Depending on how you classify length of labor, well if you count the whole day it was 24 hours, but I would say active labor was about 8 hours.

I had no complications and minimal bleeding, Kaden's apgar score was a 9, they did bulb him, but i think it was unnecessary :(

And for the pain...I can't wait to have another one! It was the most amazing experience of my life!


www.secretsofpainlesschilbirth.com (You can watch my birth here!)
I began to lose my mucus plug the last Friday night of January. Early Sunday morning, I caught sight of some bloody show. By mid-Monday, my contractions were sporadic and exciting!

I had hardly slept Sunday night, and couldn't get much rest Monday night either, as contractions were starting to become uncomfortable. Laying down was horrible and I was restless so I got up and created some birth art. Before long, I woke up my fiance who made me pancakes :)

Tuesday was a loooooong day. The sun was too bright, contractions came closer together and their strength intensified. My mother and grandmother cleaned and cooked but I had no appetite.

We finally asked our doula and midwife to come to the house at 9:30 Tuesday night. That's when things really got going. I labored all night, in and out of the bathtub, up and down the stairs. Eric made me protein shakes and I asked that Ben Harper be played repeatedly despite downloading TONS of music the previous day.

When I was checked on Wednesday morning at 6:30, I was only 5 cm dilated. Painfully tired, I wondered if I could make it. How much more could I take? Should I transfer?

My answer was one big NO. I made up my mind I was staying home; that I could do this.

Two hours later, I had the urge to push. It came "spontaneously" as they say - it's true! I was ready and at 9:30, after some very patient crowning, my daughter, Ella Rose was born in our birth room with my fiance behind me, my mother recording and my grandmother peering over her shoulder.

Eric made phone calls and breakfast, (my appetite came back with a vengence!) my doula took fabulous pictures...it was magical.

Read my full birth story here: Katie + Ella Home Birth Story
With my first: I went into labor around 1:00pm. I was in the middle of my baby shower and only 38.5 weeks along. By 3:30pm we arrived at the birth center and I was 5cm/90% effaced. My daughter was born at 6:09pm. 7 lbs 1oz. 9 Apgar, 2nd degree tear, bled for a full six weeks, but no complications.

With my second: I 'think' I started early labor around 8:30am on December 20. (Baby's exact due date). Active labor started around 10:00am. My daughter was born at home, in my bed at 11:37am. 8lbs 2 oz. 9 Apgar. This birth was so much easier than my first. Only bled for about 2 weeks, no complications. My baby was a bit jaundiced, but only lasted about a week.

(I'm one of those lucky ones) :)
With my first at a free standing birth center, contractions became noticeable around 7pm three days before my due date on November 10th. We left for the birth center at 8pm and shortly after arriving my water broke. I was at 6cm then I got in the tub for an hr or so, and when I got out was at 8cm. I never had an urge to push, but started pushing around 11:20pm. Forty minutes later at 12:56am(six hours after labor began) my 8lbs 13.5oz baby girl was born. I had a bad tear. My midwife thought it might have been a 4th degree and we would have to go to the hospital to repair it. Thank God it ended up being just a 3rd degree and she was able to repair there at the center. I don't remember the birth being painful, but the repair was HORRIBLE!!! Baby was very healthy and recovery was as fast and easy as it could be with such a bad tear.

With my second, a homebirth, my water broke at 4pm ten days before my due date on July 9th. From then on the contractions came fast and hard. I got in the tub around 5:45pm. My midwife arrived shortly after and I was at 8cm. At 7pm my body had the most undeniable demand to push. From then on it wasn't a matter of me pushing if I wanted to. My body made me!! At 7:26pm(three and a half hours after labor began) my 7lbs 12oz baby girl was born. I had a 2nd degree tear with her. But the repair was a breeze!! Very healthy baby and recovery was extremely easy!!
I sprung a slow leak (lol) at 8:20am - just in time for my mw to be out running (which I knew about in advance... Sunday morning run - she was training for a marathon).

Hung out at home, dh and I cleaned like freaks, ran out to buy extra panties and pads, lunch and a slurpee (bad mama!)... by about noon, menstrual-like cramping - by 7ish pm, asked our doula to come over, although I was focusing and coping well but wanted her there for reassurance. MW came every 4-hours for IV antibiotics (GBS +), and she stayed for good around midnight... labored until mid-morning, then off to the hospital. Pyper was born around 11:25am that morning.

My birth was amazing... it was the most powerful thing I've ever experienced, it truly brought me to my knees and forced me into submission (which was incredible...). It took me hours to shut off my "logical brain" and just go with the flow...but once I did it was quite the ride. I pushed through 3 contractions (which I found scary) in a squatting position over a birth chair and out she flew... literally, flew out... I had a 2nd degree tear (which my mw initially thought was a 3rd and called an OB to have a look at.) The repair was done by the OB who was totally rough, not like my mw who was soooooo gentle when checking me and cleaning me up. Pyper was 8 lbs, 8 oz. When it was all over I felt like superwoman!

I hope that I'll be able to have more children in the future (right now DH's medical conditions prevent us from having more). If his health improves and we have more I'd do the same, except either stay home or utilize the new birth centre that is currently being built for the midwives in our city.
With my first, my water broke 1:00 in the morning, contractions started at 2:00 a.m. on a Wednesday, my midwife wanted me at the hospital birthing center by 10:00 a.m. An intense day of contractions, evening of non-progression, an epidural at 2:00 a.m. on Thursday, and my child was born at 5:35 a.m.

Next baby, contractions started at 4:00 in the morning on a Saturday, was in labor at home all day, checked by midwife at 7:00 pm and was 1 cm, went home, then intense discomfort led me back to the hospital birthing center by 9:40 pm-- was 6 cm, had my second child at 12:18 in the morning on Sunday.

I've also heard/read that with your second child your body tends to delay until your first child is "taken care of" which was very true in my case. My body took about 2 and a half hours after the time I put her to bed to start full on labor, and then it progressed very quickly.

I lost my mucus plug on my due date (miraculous) and began experiencing fairly uncomfortable contractions at around 9 or 10. By 2 am, I was done communicating and was in my own little labor world. My son wasn't born until 2pm that day, so, I had about 12-15 hours of true labor with the birth in the daytime.
My second labor was not so hot. I labored lightly through the night prior to his birth, contractions waking me up every 10 minutes or so, with very intense labor commencing around 11 in the morning on July 4th. I listened to the small town parade outside my window while I moaned at the window and climbed up and down the stairs trying to turn my OP baby. It wasn't until the fireworks went off at 9:30 that night that he finally emerged.
My first labor was great in the sense that I got done and thought, "wow, I know that was painful, but it was also kind of fun." My second was more like, "wow, now I know why people say they never want to do that again." Now pregnant with my third, I'm hoping for another 12 hour simple labor, rather than a 24 hour I'll-cut-it-out-myself kind of labor. And yes, I did actually say that out loud during transition :-).
I went into labor around 9am and had contractions all morning. I started timing them from 11am through 12noon and they were 9 to 7 minutes apart.

So at 1pm I called my husband at work and told him to come home. My midwife and her assistent came for a prenatal visit and found me in early labor, so they told us they would come as soon as hard labor would start.

At 3pm contractions were 3 minutes apart so we called our midwife and I went inside the tub: it felt great! the pain was so much easier to handle in the water!

I felt a pain shift around 6pm and started pushing, but somehow felt they were ineffective. After trying for another hour or more, without any progress, the midwife checked me and realized the baby was not coming straight down, but on an angle and with every push it was hitting the pubic bone and cervix and could not come down easely. So she suggested different positions in the water, but I was still feeling like there was no progress, so I moved onto the bed and pushed lying on my back, while the midwife was helping move the cervix back off the baby's face. We were trying to make the baby turn and make her come down the birth canal.

Finally she started moving down and I got off the bed and squatted next to it and delivered my beautiful baby girl, at 10 30pm.

I bled a few ounces and they gave me a shot of pitocin, to help stop the bleeding, then I delivered the placenta with my baby girl in my arms. She took to nursing right away like a real pro!

With our first daughter I delivered in a hospital, after 3 days of pitocin induction, and one more day were they ruptered my membrane to break my water. It was a terrible experience for both me and my husband. The hospital was not very mother friendly and they ran so many unnecessary procedures and interventions. Plus they inflicted fear and guilt on us as parents to make us follow their protocol. I hated it, and always felt homebirth was a much more natural way of giving life.

So I was very happy to deliver at home this time! it was such a relief not to have to deal with all the hospital procedures, I'm so glad I could finally realize my dream.
I went into labor at 10 PM. My son was born 33 hours later at 7 AM. My birth was wonderful! The labor was long, but my water only broke as he came flowing out on a wave of water. I only pushed for a very short time and that was my favorite part as I finally felt completely in control.
Hurray for homebirth and a midwife who trusted in my body to birth my baby! Along with my midwife I had unyielding support from my husband, the calm reassurance of my sister-in-law and the kindness of my cousin. Truly a dream team!
My water broke at 4:00 am when I was at 37.5 weeks. I called my midwife and she told me she would call to check up on me later that morning or to call her if contractions started. I didn't actually start active labor until my midwife arrived and gave me some black and blue cohosh at 8:00 pm. About 14 hours after my
water broke and I was 1 cm dilated 100% effaed with baby at +1. At 12:46 am only 4 hours of intense labor and 11 minutes of pushing later Emerson Barbara was born in our bed with just my husband, midwife and her assistant present. She weighed only 5 lbs 14 oz and was 18.5 inches long, so tiny, but very healthy and nursed immediately. My midwife also said that birth is more common at night. I enjoyed spending that first night after her birth just sleeping in my own bed cuddled with my husband and our baby. Can't wait to do it again next time!
I went in to labor sometime on Friday evening, labored all through Saturday and Saturday night. My water finally broke at...7:00 am on the dot. Arrived at the hospital just before 11 am. My son was born at 8:38 pm on Sunday.

In retrospect, it was a wonderful birth in many ways and I got exactly what I wanted and there were even many amusing parts to look back on. What more could I ask for? Some laughs and a healthy son. There were things I might change but that's probably being nitpicky. I was healthy and the worst thing that happened was a stall and a first-degree tear (needing 6 stitches) and I was fine after sitting on an ice pack for an hour or so) and son was born healthy and alert (peed all over me as soon as midwife put him on my chest, hehe).

Ultimately he was born on Dec 19 and his due date was Dec 27.
my labor began saturday jan 5 at 215am i don't remember losing my mucus plug but my water did break it was more like a small continuing trickle, i stayed at home until 5am when my midwife said to come into the birth center, when i got there i was dialated to 3cm at 6am i got into the tub since i had a water birth my midwife checked me again at that time and i was at 6cm, i stayed in the tub since it was relaxing and took away alot of the pain, then at 7am i was checked again and was complete at 735am my daughter crowned and at 741am she was born only 2 pushes and out she came so for my first it was very fast yes there was pain but very tolerable i have heard alot of other people scream more than what i did and it was a 2 3 or 4 pregnancy for them and only my first i am now pregnant again due in october and planning on doing the same with this one hopefully he won't be big at all my daugher wasn't and im thinking that is what made it much easier



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