When did you go into labor? What time was your baby born? And how was your birth?

One of the biggest factors for determining a healthy mom and child is timing of
childbirth. Like other day-active species, humans give birth most often at night. Nighttime labor and delivery offers four specific benefits for pregnant women, according to The Body Clock Guide to Better Health: two hours less labor, less bleeding, and fewer complications.
In addition, their babies are found to be in better shape. Paul Chek, author Eat Move and Be Healthy adds that sensitivity to pain differs markedly over a 24 hour cycle.  It is also likely that pregnant women experience less childbirth pain at night.

When did you go into labor?  What time was your baby born?  And how was your birth?

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I'm due with my first in October...I want to have a birth like yours, Lorri! Congrats! :)
I had my first at 1:30pm, and my second at 6 am, and who knows when my third will decide to come! haha. My first was almost 3 weeks overdue, and I was nervous about the deadline in Oregon (about going to the hospital), so I went to our acupuncture lady and she induced him (although she said he would only come if he really was ready). That labor was 5 hours, and I was too tight. My midwife did her first ever episiotomy, and then stitched it up, and mother and baby were happy! That was a home birth, as there was no birth center around. My second came a few days after his due date, and he took 2 1/2 hours of labor, no tearing or episiotomy needed. Again, mother and baby were happy at the newly built birth center our midwives built. Check out http://www.gentlebirthcenter.com/ if you want a great experience with amazing midwives in Oregon!! Our third is due in November, and we're using the same midwife again, she is a genius with pregnancy and birth. Her name is Desiree LaFave, if you want to request her. :) Okay, now I sound like an advertisement, but honestly, I loved my experiences with these professional, kind ladies.
With my first two I woke up in labr at about 12 am both times. The first was born at 6:15 am in the hospital (15 mion after I got there) and #2 was born at 9:15 am a t home( he was 2 1/2 lbs bigger!)
With my third I went into labor at 5:30 in the am. But i wasnt sure it was labor or placenta abruption. I was 35.2 weeks. I was at the hosp by 7:30 am to get an ultrasound. There was no abruption, but it took them until 10:30 am to decide that I was in labor because the nurse couldnt see the contractions on the monitor. If I had known i was in labor and no other complications i would have stayed home longer. Anyway he was born at 4:40 pm after a very uncomfortable labor of being strapped down with monitors.
I preferred the waking up in labor method. I just laid down and moved around as needed until labor became more intense. I didnt have long pushing times with any of them. 15min for #1, 20 min for #2 and 3 pushes for #3



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