And by EBF I mean exclusively breastfed: ie. no bottles, pacifiers... only mommy until at least 6 months when food introduction is considered safe. If your child got a paci or a bottle or food early, please note that.

I'm just a little curious, and thought some of you might be too!

My 2-year-old was BF'd with a few bottles of pumped milk and pacifiers until 5 months (she began using a thumb after this) and she got her first little tooth at 10.5 months. We're still BFing occasionally, and I nursed all through my pregnancy with my 4-month-old daughter. It's been fun tandem nursing them! I have a few precious pictures or the rare occasion when they nursed together, and I was also proud to have fed my older girl in the St. Peter's Dome at the Vatican!

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My EBF son got his first tooth at about 6 1/2 months. He's 12 1/2 months now, and has 8 teeth. He's an occasional nipple-biter, too, though he hasn't bitten me in several weeks now. He has never liked pacifiers.



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