My son just turned one last week (yay!!) and I am wondering when I can expect my period to return. I've heard that the average for breastfeeding moms is 15 months post partum. Has that been the case in your experience?

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With my first it was 19mo. Still waiting with the second. But since she's just 5mo, I don't expect it for quite awhile yet. I know you can expect it to be longer if you're co-sleeping and if they nurse more at night(which we do). I have sisters who exclusively nurse as well, and I know theirs have been anywhere from 6mo to even passed 24mo. I think there are quite a few things that factor into it. Hope that helps!!
I have 5 kids and I always exclusively breastfeed for at least the first 6 months, breastfeed for over a year, and we co-sleep too. My period has returned anywhere from 3 months to over 10 months. Three times now my cycle has returned sometime after I started my baby on solid foods, and twice it has returned while still breastfeeding exclusively. I don't know why, but I wonder if it has something to do with stress.
After my first, I never got a period. I nursed him until he was a year old, and got pregnant that same month. After #2, I think I had maybe one or two light periods at around 12-13 months. Got pg again at 14 months pp. Nursed #3 for 19 months, but had three periods starting at 16 months. The longest was with #4. I didn't have one until a month before her second birthday, but I also nursed the longest with her, until 31 months. HTH!
Thanks for your responses. We also cosleep and still nurse plenty at nights. It really doesn't matter to me and I'm not worried about it at all, just curious.
Lucky me! My period returned one month shy of my son's 2nd birthday! That was truly a wonderful side effect of the even more wonderful act of nursing.
You are very very lucky! Wish that had happened to me...
even cosleeping and exclusivly nursing I got my "monthly gift" back at 6 mos after our first, 5 mos after our second. blah. I hope for longer this time, but probably not...

My poor sis in law had no cycle return but she caught an egg anyways (even while exclusivly nursing!) and my nephews ended up 12 mos and 1 week apart. woah!
It was almost 12 month postpartum when my period returned. We exclusively breastfed for the first year.
Mine returned at three months pp and my daughter was exclusively bfed!
Mine, when my son was 15 almost 16 months. I had a "false" period when he was 12 1/2 months. False, meaning, very little bleeding, and, I don't think I ovulated. I knew I was having a real one because I know I ovulated based on discharge. Also, very hormonal!
Are you kidding me? Mine retured at 7 WEEKS after having post partum bleeding for 6 weeks. I exclusively bf my daughter (She rarely goes more than 2 hours between feeds during the day) and we co sleep and I nap with her... I'm so frustrted to have it back so soon!



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