My son just turned one last week (yay!!) and I am wondering when I can expect my period to return. I've heard that the average for breastfeeding moms is 15 months post partum. Has that been the case in your experience?

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Is it possible that it will go away again once your body gets used to the fact that your EBing? Maybe there's still hope :). It seems like it would at least be possible for your body to decide to scorn periods while EBFing....fingers crossed!
Oh I hope so. This is my second cycle now so my body better figure it out quick, lol! I had such high hopes after reading through the Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding and sticking to each one. Oh well. Maybe my body just likes to have babies ;)
I have read that sometimes you will have a period or two then it will stop again if you keep EFB. Hope this is the case for you.
For me it was. I started my period when son was 15 months old. So for me I went 2 years to the day (including time I was pregnant then 15 mos postpartum) w/no period. Was real hard to get used to it again when it came back. I guess I got spoiled :)
for me its been 5-6 mos pp that it returned. I am fairly sure I am ovulating this week and my son is 5m 10 days old. blah to Aunt Flo!
After my first I never had a period - got pregnant with number two when my son was 9 months old. I honestly can't remember when it came back after my second one. Got a Mirena after number 3 = no period for 5 years. Number 4 is 6 months and so far so good ;)
It is really different for every person. I exclusively breastfed my daughter for nine months and then continued nursing with the addition of solids after that. She is 23 months old now and is down to nursing once every few days or so. I never ovulated until she was 18 months old, and immediately got pregnant, so I never got a period after having her. I know some of the moms that i work with get their cycle back within a few months, and some that don't get it back until the baby is well over a year old.
My daughter is 10 Mon old. She was exclusively bf for 6 1/2 Mon at which point solids were introduced along with the bf. I have yet to have my period come back, but oddly enough every month since she was 3 months old at just about a week or so before the day she was born I get PMS symptoms! Anyone else experience this???

I was wondering if anyone has heard of a correlation between weight and how soon menses return? Mine was back within 4 months despite constant nursing. I'm plus-sized, and my mom said that she heard that the lower your body fate percentage, the better ovulation is suppressed. Not to confuse the issue, but I didn't appear to be ovulating for about thirteen months, so the bleeding was probably breakthrough bleeding, but it was confusing because it was regular, like a period.

To Michele- I've heard of a lot of women getting PMS symptoms, or even having a change in the breastmilk around time of usual menstruation. I'm not totally sure, but someone told me it was a sign that ovulation will return soon.



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