When I was looking at hiring our doula, over five years ago, the first thing on my mind was, "Will she be the right support for us?"  I wondered if she could help us achieve our desires for childbirth.  As a practicing doula in a small community, the first thing I'm asked by many women who've already interviewed other doulas is whether I'm certified by one specific organization. So, since this had never really crossed my mind before when I was hiring a doula, I wondered, what do other moms find most important to know about a potential doula?

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After having a negative experience with my first doula, I was very careful hiring my second. In the end, she was away (last minute health emergency in the family) and I had her back-up doula (who I had already met) who was amazing.

I realized a few things for me-- I needed to know I would be comfortable with the touch of my doula-- that I wanted her hands on me-- that I trusted that she knew what different kinds of labor would look like (which might translate to, how many hours or how many births have you experienced). That she was kind and positive-- that she was going to be there to support me and help me understand the big picture.

My first labor was really long and I wasn't dilating-- for whatever reason, I had expected my doula to be more proactive helping me stay home and not get to the hospital early-- since she didn't come over to the house and since my water had broken, we went too soon, which for a first birth is difficult.

I would want to make sure there was a backup doula, and meet her. If that's impossible, it would be good to know how many clients my doula was taking on.

Post-partum services would also be important-- I had a separate post-partum doula (a close family friend who didn't do labor while her children were young). What you can offer the post-partum mom in terms of breastfeeding support and basic baby care (ie. how to give a bath, etc.) would be helpful.

Is that what you were looking for? If not, let me know!




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