I am trying to find the information on my hospital about how many c-sections, inductions etc etc they have done.

I figured there is a website somewhere but I am having trouble finding it.

I know that this hospital is comes HIGHLY recommended from moms in my community but being that I am trying for VBAC I want to be as prepared as possible.

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It depends on what state you live in. Only a few states require each hospital to report stats. Most states offer an overall intervention rate for the hospitals in the state but not all break it down hospital by hospital. Try your state's department of health vital statistics and see if they have the info.

This link is to ICAN and has a database of hospital VBAC policies from all over the nation, http://ican-online.org/vbac-ban-info.

Call the hospital and speak to the L&D dept or a patient advocate. Ask about their intervention rates. If they refuse to give you the info chances are the rates are high. Also, if the hosp is midwife friendly that is a good sign and usually, but not always, means lower intervention rates for the hospital.

CIMS also has info on intervention rates for drs and hospitals. It comes from "The Birth Survey" which is filled out by mothers about their experiences w/practitioners and facilities. The link to take the survey and review the results is http://www.thebirthsurvey.com/

Also, don't forget to get the intervention rates and VBAC rate for your provider and any provider that may deliver you if your doc is not on call. This is almost more important than the hospital intervention rates.

You say the hosp comes highly recommended. Do the women recommending it have the same idea about birth as you do? Do they have the same idea about what would make it a good hospital? They may not care about inductions, pit, constant monitoring etc...they may not even consider those things when rating the hospital. Just something to think about...



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