Where will you give birth?  What options are available in your state?  Please share the status of midwifery in your area!

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i will be giving birth at a birth center that i had my daughter at in jan 08, im not sure of the options or midwifery status here in california, im limited to what tricare wants but i found a loop that allowed me to go to the birth center instead of the naval hospital here, the birth center is awesome and i was only there with my daughter from 515am-12pm they only require you to stay a minimum of 4 hours after ther birth i was ready to get home so i could be in the comfort of my own home with my new daughter and will do the same with my son my due date is oct 15 and hopefully i will have a birth like my daughters again very fast
I'm in Florida and ready for my home birth any day now. Midwives are licensed by the state and are able to operate independently.

There are free standing birth centers available as well but they tend to be located in the major metropolitan areas and there are none near where I live.
We live in Eastern Europe. I know the maternity care system is pretty broken in the States, but where we live, it is even worse! The only good thing is a lower c-section rate. Midwives are mere assistants of OBs in the hospitals here. We have ONE homebirth midwife in the whole county. I would always choose a homebirth over a hospital birth for a health pregnancy, but even more so in our country of residence! My first birth was with the one and only homebirth midwife, and my second an unassisted homebirth.
My 1st child was born via c/section in 1996. I gave birth to my 2nd child at the hospital with a CNM (she worked out of an OB office and did hospital deliveries only). Prior to that I had no knowledge or experience w/Midwives or Birthing Centers or Home Births. With my 3rd child I wanted a Water Birth and could not get my hospital based Midwife to agree to it due to my VBAC status. So, I started researching Homebirth as a way to be able to have a Water Birth.

I found that (suprisingly) Texas is very Midwife friendly. the Legislature that governs Midwives states that Midwives have been delivering babies in Texas since it was the Republic of Texas and acknowledges their superior safety status in low-risk pregnancies. Both CNM and CPM's or CM are allowed to practice in Texas. And are legally able to do hospital (in the case of CNM), birth center and home deliveries. The law doesn't even exclude VBAC birth center or home deliveries. The hardest part for Midwives, esp ones that do Home Deliveries and VBAC patients, is finding an OB that will consult with them.

In my general area there are at least 6 Birthing Centers and in my city there are 3 Home/Birthing Center based Midwives. Even many of the OB's are supportive of Midwives.

Even the insurance laws are designed to allow women to choose a Midwife if that is what she prefers. Any insurance that offers coverage for ANP's in any medical setting MUST also cover CNM (but not CPM). There is even a specific law that states that women should be able to choose a Midwife (CNM) if that is what she wants and the insurance must cover it as they would any other medical professional. Even Medicaid will cover services provided by a CNM.

Coverage for Birthing Centers is harder to get since Insurance and Medicaid only reimburse CNM and most Midwives that work out of Birthing Centers are CM. However, 3 of the Birthing centers in my area are ran by CNM. I don't know about the state as a whole but if you live in the Dallas area chances are very good that you could get coverage for a Birthing Center delivery by a CNM.

My 3rd child was a HBAC, in the Water, with a wonderful and supportive CNM. Made possible by laws that respect a woman's right to choose her provider and place of delivery and an open minded OB that believes that Midwives should care for pregnant women and OB's should care for pregnant women that are sick or having problems (he even does breech vaginal deliveries, even for VBAC patients--a rare breed indeed). It was beautiful and I feel truly blessed to be in a state that made that possible.

God Bless Texas!!!
I live in eastern Ohio and the closest midwife for me is over 2 hours away. I would still rather deal with that inconvenience than having my shot at a vbac ruined by unnecessary interventions in the hospital.

I live in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and after two miscarriages I am now pregnant for the third time and.. I just entered my second trimester. If I hadn't seen The Business of Being born two/three years ago I probably would still have thought that a hospital birth is safest. The documentary opened my eyes and because of that I was able to educate myself the last couple of years abouth pregnancy and chilbirth. I am so grateful that I can put it to use now!!!


Here in the Netherlands we have many options. Home births are more common that anywhere else in the world I think? Even though the general vision towards birth is so wide and open minded, the protocols in our hospitals are similar to the ones in the USA. Because of that I knew going into this pregnancy that a hospital birth does not have my preference anymore. I thought a home birth or a birth center would be the best for me. Thanks to My Best Birth ( I have just read it) I found out that birth centers that are placed within the hospital have the same protocols as the hospital they are a part of. Again, I am so so grateful for that information.


I now realy wish to have a home birth. If I for any reason don't feel comfortable at home I will always have a freestanding birth center nearby that my midwife will open in March.


Ricky and Abby, God bless you. Forever grateful!



I'm in California. I'm trying to conceive at the moment but when I become pregnant, I'm definitely having the baby at home. Through a wonderful network of supportive women, I have found a midwife I really like and is willing to work with my circumstances, just have to hope she isn't booked by then lol.



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