I was just wanting to know what Brands do you all Love and found work best for you and which Brands did you find just didnt hold up? 


Also for the moms that make there own why did you go with making them?

How how long did it take to make your own?


How did family and Friend react to you cloth diapering?


Ok just thought of this and think it will be great for new parent to CDing or thinking about it, so how many CD do you think you should buy and have on hand? 

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I've used several different brands. I love my Kawaii diapers and they are sooo affordable.

What Brands did you try? and why did they not work out? 


I used Kushies Ultra all in ones with my first, mostly because I found 10 of them on clearance for $20.  I didnt have any exerience with cloth at the time.  I really liked them for the day time but I used disposibles at night because even with a liner they leaked. 

With my second I plan to use One size All in ones and I am planning on testing out a few other brands. 

I love this post, I am hoping it will help me select some different brands to try.

for you id reccommend the fuzzibunz one size diapers there great and super soft and they wick away mostire like a disposible

I use unbleached Diaper Rite prefolds, Econobum covers, Bummis Ultra Lite Covers (don't bother buying these--Econobums are much better for the money), Proraps covers,  Sunbaby pockets, and some flour sack towels (bought at Wal-mart). I absolutely love the Diaper Rite prefolds. I used to use some other prefolds (of unknown origin--they were a gift) and although I am very thankful for them, the Diaper Rite ones are way better! I also have some doublers/stuffers that I made from microfiber cleaning cloths and flannel. I have 1 Kissaluvs contour diaper. I loved that when It was brand new. It was soooo soft, but most of the really soft stuff became dryer lint :) I do still like it though. Just not as much.

I am looking forward to hearing what the other mommas have to say. I have not tried near all the diapers I'd like to. I don't have the funds to become a diaper addict :) but I will admit that I do quite a lot of window shopping. LOL

I forgot to say that I have made some diapers too. Never enough at one time to really perfect a design. I have customized some prefolds too. Bottom line--just not enough time. When I sew, the house falls apart.

My husbands family (I suspect) thinks I'm weird. Actually, one of my sisters in law told one of my children just that. I wasn't there to question her. So there's no garantee it was because of CDing. HAHA

My family is accepting - not really supporting or opposing. Except my mom who is very supportive.

Some of my friends CD, but most do not. The ones that don't don't really act like it bothers them. I'm sure if I acted like they should "be like me" I'd get a response one way or another.

When It comes to homebirth or CDing, my strategy is to hope that my enthusiasm will be encouraging and contagious. I don't want to be the one people say, "Oh, no. Here she comes again. She's always trying to convince me to (fill in the blank). 

I kind of like being "weird". :D

Thanks for sharing Ladies I feel like this could help some of us out on what to get and what to not even try=) 


Angela I am with you I have had family call me and weird for quote taking it to far lol  and I know my hubby family thinks so LOL what ever i not making them do it.


I didnt CD with my first and really wish I would have, my mom CD all 4 of her kid when she was home and disposable when out she said it worked best for her. 


Dose anyone a good pattern for CD???


We have bumGenius, Econobum covers, Gerber Prefolds, Flats, Green Mountain prefolds, worhorse fitteds, OsoCozy AIO and bumGenuis AIO..... as well as some Etsy orders from SAHM and T-Shirt diapers we made.

Love the bumGenius... don't like stuffing them but that's because we have a large stash. LOVE our Econobum covers, they are one size and awesome! Gerber prefolds are our "last resort" diapers as they just feel like once wet they are soaked. We used flats when our son was first born, probably first 2 weeks or so and they were awesome. I think the Green Mountain prefolds are called Clotheez. We have small, med and just got large; just love them. We have only bought seconds of them and they are awesome. We did not like the workhorse fitteds because they had snaps and that didn't work well with a newborn. The OsoCozy AIOs were a gift and we liked them so much we bought more, we only have 4 small and a few med, kind of sad our little guy is growing out of them. The bumGenius AIOs are awesome!! Just have 4 or so but they are super absorbent and have a pocket if you need more absorbency. The Etsy orders have all been pretty great so far. Our T-shirt diapers are my favorite. Just fun to upcycle old shirts and so glad he can be in the diaper without a cover now. http://fernandfaerie.com/sewing_fitteds.html That is the pattern we went by and now just adapt it to our own. These are SO simple, I actually sewed a few by hand. 

Family and friends have been really great. My mom CD my older sister but not us. My cousin is now going to CD her son (she is in labor as I type this!)

thanks for the reply=)) Thanks for sharing that link too, I was thinking if I start making CD when PG I should be able to get a good amount by the time the little one is here=)) 


I tried to talk my Surro son parents into CDing they where into it for a bit but once they could not find a CD cleaning services they where out lol 



i like fuzzibunz one size diapers i just got some for my daughter and im hooked

i also like rockin green laundry soap in lavender mint

Thanks for the reply=)


I have not looked to much into soap yet so i will have to check that one out=) 


What do you all use to clean your CD???


We use ROckin' Green for everything... diapers and our clothes!! <3 it!! I use Barenaked Babies scent, I'm not a fan of scented even though it doesn't scent your clothes.



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