I was just wanting to know what Brands do you all Love and found work best for you and which Brands did you find just didnt hold up? 


Also for the moms that make there own why did you go with making them?

How how long did it take to make your own?


How did family and Friend react to you cloth diapering?


Ok just thought of this and think it will be great for new parent to CDing or thinking about it, so how many CD do you think you should buy and have on hand? 

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Thanks for your input its always nice to hear others input and what they have to say about products =) 


Where the best place to buy CD I was thinking amazon but i am new to this, where do you ladies get yours?

I have bought from cottonbabies.com, sunbabydiapers.com, and diaperjunction.com, but there are so many diaper retailers out there.  I wanted to buy from theluvyourbaby.com but they are almost always out of stock (they got really popular all of a sudden). Just a few suggestions.....

I guess I'd say, If you can get a good deal for what you want on Amazon, go for it!

Thanks I been to cottonbabies.com they seem good I will have to check out the others=) Thanks for your input=)

amazon has a good deal on the fuzzibunz one size diapers and there is a retailer on amazon that sells them with a free sample of rockin green soap in smashing watermelons


rockin green soap is great tho and it doesnt have a scent after you wash with it

Oh thanks I will have to check that one out=)) Got to love the free samples=)
Also check out SECONDS diapers. A lot of manufacturers (Cotton babies) sell the diapers with cosmetic flaws (stitching, color) for a discounted price. Green Mountain diaper is where I have bought all of our pre folds and all of them are Seconds or Thirds. I have also gotten some great deals on Etsy from WAHM.
Thanks I will have to check that out, I dont mind a cosmetic flaw=)

I have a few brands that I LOVE and I have some sad stories about some that I destroyed and that didn't hold up. With my son I used prefolds and wraps. I had Gerber prefolds and flats, I didn't know how big of a difference there was between Gerber and a real diaper prefold. For wraps I LOVED Thirsties, they held up great and contained anything my son exploded in it. I did try the Bummis wraps and due to my own washing ignorance, I ruined them. :o( Very sad about that still.  With my daughter, I went the pocket route. I bought the Coolababy diapers off of e-bay. I even bought the cute new prints they have. The prints went first, they seemed to "sweat" when the diaper was wet so that her outfits became wet as well. Then on my others went, my purple ones suffered PUL seperation, then they all started to leak. I thought it was detergent build up and went on a stripping binge. No better.  I then scored some Bumgenius 3.0's on e-bay that someone bought thinking they were going to do cloth, but decided not to.  Love my Bumgenius. I have since bought some 4.0's and I love those too. Other diapers that I have tried that have held up wonderfully are: Kawaii baby, Babyland, and Sunbaby. They all have suffered the same wash routine and are still in great condition. 

When it comes to Laundering diapers, using a cloth diaper detergent is IMPORTANT! Even if you don't use Rocking Green Soap, read under the FAQ about what they have discovered about laundering. Washing diapers has changed my laundry habits. 

Only my friends really seemed shocked that I was going to cloth diaper, some of them took bets to see how long I'd last.  Glad to say that we are 100% cloth and that they are still waiting for me to give up. 

I have about 28 cloth diapers. I'd say you need about 24 dailies and 3-4 overnights. :o)

Thanks Sarah=) its great to hear from someone like you that has tried so many brands really helps out=))
We originally used G-Diapers with their inserts, the disposable ones. The G-diapers shrunk a little in the wash and then the inserts no longer fit very well. eventually we bought the cloth diapers from babies r us. about 40 of them. we would fold the cloth diaper twice sideways then in half, basically until it fit in the g-diaper. this worked well for us. we only needed to buy one size up of the g-daiper covers after our little one could no longer fit into the smaller size. we used this system for a long time-the g-diaper cover with the cloth inserts. we would put the inserts into a pail of vinegar and water until we washed them. we only washed them once in hot water with detergent and never had a problem. our little one only had slight rashes for about the first month, but not after that. i attribute the rashes to other things not the diapers. eventually we went to disposable diapers and left cloth behind once our little was older, but this worked well for a long time. Saved a lot of money. if i recall correctly, i think there were quite a few leaks with this system, but that was worth the saving money to us. we also used washcloths to wipe our baby with water, no wipes-no rashes. we tried wipes after a while our baby was older, but always caused a rash, so we stopped. Hope this helps someone else.

Just wanted to add that most people thought the g-diapers were adorable, especially since they are colored. but most people thought we were crazy to do all the washing etc. but it seemed much healthier to us, so we felt it was worth it.



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