Who watched Lifetime's new show "One Born Every Minute"?

I learned long ago not to watch the various networks baby shows (e.g. Baby Story, Birthday, etc.) for support but wanted to check this new show out. Wow, to my surprise (insert sarcasm) the mom that "had to have the natural birth" was depicted as troublesome and the biggest hassle to the nurses! Did anyone else happen to see the show? What are your thoughts?

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Started watching it. Can't take it. Hate shows like this. I start yelling at the women/nurses/doctors & my fam gets irritated ;-) changing the channel

I thought it was going to be the UK versions with Midwives and was was kind of bummed to see that we have our own version. Because I don't think we are going to see "natural childbirth friendly".  First just the start of the show...can we say DRAMA? the sound of the heartbeat, the sirens, the women screaming and in immense pain. Way to start off Lifetime....I could already tell this is like the rest of them...Baby Story, Birthday... Honestly I found the show more disturbing...I was so happy for the "natural" couple to have that doula their with them, and the husband was attending to his wife, standing up for her....The nurse seemed to very nice, but while she was complaining that it was her job to ensure a "safe baby..safe outcome", she displayed negative tones throughout their room, and if she was more in tuned to mom and baby and be such a "colaborator" that she said she is...get the fetal doppler out, get your butt in the bathroom with her and check for fetal heartones manually. Every LDRP has them. I did not like how this couple was dipicted to be "out of the ordinary" for vocalizing and strange for wanting to birth without harassment. While it is so true to see nurses and OB's, the OB staff...cringe or make faces or laugh..or I've even heard "Oh, I just wish she would shut up"!, it's a shame.. What's wrong with a woman vocalizing during labor or giving birth. Is she suppose to be quiet? For whom?


Also..Tasha..the woman who had the emergency C/S..I found that to be very sad..She labored all the way....and was even given a birth ball to sit on..but...I think it's kind of embarrasing that they do not show her getting the support that she needed, from the staff. It wasn't a surprise that the birth was by C/S. Wish I could hug her for being so brave.


I won't be watching this show again...along with Baby Story and birth Day..this show is the typical crap that feeds self doubt and does nothing to encourage positive change among the medical community for women and their babies.

I completely agree with you Sara and Trish! It's really unfortunate that so many are uneducated about one of the most important moments in ones life. The OB staff were making faces and cringing at the woman's labor sounds because they rarely hear them! Why would they when so many go for the pain meds. I don't know why I watch these shows when I know I'm just going to yell at the tv (while husband gives funny looks).

Although I have not had the pleasure of giving birth yet, the show reinforced my uneasiness over hospitals. There is a fantastic OB in my area that's all about empowered birthing and has a birthing tub, can't wait to meet her.

You are very correct. The nurse could have used her critical thinking skills to find a different, family friendly way of locating the fetal heart rate.
I saw it too and I was so sad that it represents reality in hospitals. How sad for the one mom who ended up with the C/S that all the issues that led to it started only after medical intervention was given.
Also for the couple with the doula, why on earth did she go to the hospital so early in labor? She could have done alm of that at home (and had the baby there too) or just arrive at the hospital when she's almost fully dilated. Anyway, it just drove home the reasons that I am glad I've chosen homebirth and I can only hope that others will see how birth is treated
more like a disease or problem in a hospital instead of the wonderful miraculous experience that it should be. I just wanted to cry through the whole thing in mourning for those who really miss out on something that could have been so different.

Trish, you feel the exact same way as I do! So you saved me some typing! lol

And yes, I yell at the TV too.

I could not stand the hospitals entire attitude towards birth (and not just the natural kind!) The one who got the C/S... did you here him say congratulations in that monotone "I don't care" voice?? She was like "Thanks" with tears streaming down her face. I felt so sad for her :(

I was so mad about how much the husband had to defend his wife who was laboring naturally. That midwife was driving me nuts! But I also agree that they maybe should have labored at home. I hated the way the show made them seem so "stupid" for doing this. Even after they had the baby and everything was fine... the show still made it seems like there effort was pointless.

And what was with all the L&D nurses making faces and laughing when they heard birth noises? They work on the L&D floor!! You would think that they have never been around it before!...maybe they haven't

You make a very good point. I thought it was rude how the nurses made faces and laughed at the birthing noises. In my opinion, those nurses need to work on another unit.

I watched the show and I thought it was very interesting. I assisted my sister in law to have a natural child birth in the hospital and she had the same issues as this laboring mother did. Now from the other perspective I kind of felt for the nurse as well (as a current BSN nursing student). Although I believe that she could have handled the situation better, health care today forces nurses to follow certain protocol or else we could lose our jobs or even our licenses. Furthermore, I felt as if the doula was doing a fantastic job supporting the mom, but forgot at times that the nurse was just trying to do her job according to hospital policy. I think there was miscommunication on both ends which caused for an unpleasant experience for everyone.

I watched it, as did one of my clients who is pregnant with her first and looking forward to an unmedicated birth at our local alternative birthing center.  We both thought it was absolutely horrid!  The nurses seemed to be patronizing and mean!  We were both suspicious of how it was edited and feel that any pregnant woman who is truly interested in researching her options should NOT watch this show! Instead, choose The Business of Being Born or one of my older faves, Gentle Birth Choices.

Jenn, the Doula featured on this show, explained what really happened on thefeministbreeder blog. Check it out: http://thefeministbreeder.com/lifetime-tv-shows-theres-one-unnecess...


Look for the comment left on February 3rd by DOULAJENN.

After reading this I went to the website and watched it.  The hospital that it was filmed at reminded me a lot of where my son was born.  A hospital that touts a high epidural rate and claims that they are there for the comfort of the moms and protecting the babies.  Watching the women one it, I organized them into each little niche in birthing. 


First: there was the Doctor Favorite, the mom who comes in, her labor is progressing normal, she doesn't put up a fight over interventions and has her baby within the allotted "Time Slot" that birth is supposed to take place in. I know many moms like her, who just go in and go along with whatever the nurses and doctors say to do. They have a "happy" birth experience and think nothing else of it. They also go about recommending epidurals and interventions.


Second: the medical emergency (the reason not every women needs intervention).  I felt sooooooooooo bad for this poor woman.  She was progressing fine naturally and was in severe need of a Doula, nurse, or family member to step up and help her through the final stage of her labor. From how her legs were twitching and dancing, I personally think she was having back labor and it was completely disorienting her and making her lose her focus.  Of course the staff recommended the epidural and pit to help with the end of her labor. After that, it just snowballed. The pit made the contractions too much for her baby, his heart rate dropped and she had to have an emergency c-section.  I felt so so so so sad for her. This is a mom who didn't want a c-section, who had to have one because she didn't have good support during her birth.  Just because her mom and husband were there, doesn't mean they were supportive. (STOP EATING YOUR FRIGGIN' CHEESE DOODLES AND HELP YOUR DAUGHTER!!!")


Third: the natural couple, forced into an almost unnatural ending:  I say Kudos to them. Her husband and Doula were doing everything right. Helping her vocalize, moving her around and being completely active participates in her labor. Yes, it's not comfortable for others to listen to a woman in labor vocalize, but oh well, they aren't in labor.  The nurse in charge was nice, but not open at all anything not in the procedure handbook.  I felt bad that they ended up having the pit in order to finish birthing, but that's what happens at a un-natural birth hospital.  I do however understand why they were birthing in a hospital and not at home. The same reason I did with my son, first child, just in case something does go wrong, never done this before, etc. Her being in her thirties and him in his forties, may also have had something to do with it. I don't know, just going on what I saw.


What really really irritated me was the music. They had calm, normal music playing with the doctors favorite, dramatic music playing with the emergency intervention, and that 'bum bum' corny music playing with the natural couple. They TOTALLY used that to help avert the feelings of the viewer emotionally to go along with the commentary. Very irritating.  Hence the reason why I never watch these shows. 

I watched that too and was also disappointed at the protrayal of that couple.  I no longer tune in, it does not give me anything but more worries that my wishes will not be supported! The last thing I need to be worrying about is if the nursing staff is laughing at me when they leave the room.


It was bad enough that I heard the nurses were placing bets on my failure during my son's birth due to it being my first and being induced.  Guess I showed them.....



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