Who watched Lifetime's new show "One Born Every Minute"?

I learned long ago not to watch the various networks baby shows (e.g. Baby Story, Birthday, etc.) for support but wanted to check this new show out. Wow, to my surprise (insert sarcasm) the mom that "had to have the natural birth" was depicted as troublesome and the biggest hassle to the nurses! Did anyone else happen to see the show? What are your thoughts?

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I watched the first 15 minutes of the first show and was so angry at the way they depicted natural birth.  They were interviewing an OB and she stated something to the fact, "We have modern medicine now, why would any woman want to go through unnecessary pain".  I flipped the channel immediately.
There was one dad I really wished I could have smacked, I felt bad afterward when it was revealed he had ADHD. The show itself didn't surprise me, no different than other birth shows similar, typical staff with typical medical attitudes. =/
Those nurses are a disgrace to nursing and to woman hood.



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