I wanted to add a question pertaining to motherhood also...so here it is...I know many people who ask the question why be a mother. Why the whines, the diapers, the back talk, the fights...so I'm throwing this out also as I think it relates to why we choose to experience difficulties and pain:) So why motherhood?

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I don't have the elequentcy to express my self so I'll post a blog that expresses exactly how I feel.

Because life is a journey and things like that are only small stones on the pathway you've taken. Some people opt for the smoothest, shortest path and some people don't mind some bumps and some people even enjoy them. I found life a little dull before I had my son. Being a mother pushes me to be my best every single day, it forces me to look at my flaws and improve in a way I simply would not do if it were only me. It's a roller coaster on which I can never be sure what the day will bring but am guaranteed that it likely won't be boring! In the face of that, a few diapers or crying jags aren't really a huge issue.
Being a mother provides the opportunity to become a grandma. The rewards of motherhood come slowly but it is worth it. My life has been enriched by my children. My grandchildren are the delight of my life. The stories and hugs we share give me joy.
As I grow older my circle of relationships is expanding, not contracting. That is great!!!
Motherhood is another reflection of ourselves; it allows us the opportunity to learn and grow through the experience of caring for another. Your children are your mirrors; they show you all aspects of yourself - it is a tool for healing.

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Wow...where to start. I always wanted to be a mother above anything else...career, money. To know that I was able to bring anothe human being into this world and hopefully raise them as best as I could so that one day they would grow to become happy and well-adjusted adults in the biggest accomplishment I could ever shoot for.
Giving Your Baby a Healthy Start
I was never sure if I wanted to be a mother, to be honest. I went back and forth on it frequently.

I'm a musician, an artist, and I love to travel. I wondered if having a child would fit into my lifestyle design, or if I was too selfish to have a baby.

But back in May 2008, I found out I was pregnant. It was unplanned. I wasn't sure how I felt about it right away. Mixed emotions.

However, it didn't take long to become extremely excited about having a little baby growing away inside me!

And she truly is a joy. I have never minded getting up at night. Never minded the "blow outs" or the spit up, or the crying. I love all of it. Everything she does. She amazes me.

I love being a mother.
For me it is a deeply spiritual matter. I know there are attributes I would have been unable to completely develop without my children. I learned quickly after my first child was born that life was no longer about me. It took a long while - her first year - to adjust (I think the natural birth "love cocktail" I felt with the second birth would have helped facilitate it). It is not that I was a particularly selfish person; but motherhood ended up being more challenging than I anticipated. I mean, I had all this great baby equipment from my baby shower, why didn't my daughter want to sit in it EVER? "Why can't I just make myself something to eat without you crying?" I rememeber thinking. With baby #2 I learned to relax more and now enjoy giving of my whole self; it feels like much less of a sacrifice now. Maybe because I realize more what is important and what isn't. I love my job as a mommy. There is nothing, Nothing I'd rather do every day - despite the days I feel like screaming, pulling all my hair out, and crying on my bed. I'm sure I'm TOTALLY alone in this feeling. :^)
Doing for my children what they cannot do for themselves brings me closer to my Savior. I am helping shape a person who will one day shape her/his children. Who are these little people who will one day run our world? What is it that their mothers teach? Love, respect, patience, wisdom, kindness, love unfeigned? These attributes are not shaped in day. Or even a year. It takes a life time of example (lessons for us too) to teach these things. And it takes many, many trials for us to learn the depth of our patience, joy, self-control, and sometimes sorrow. So why motherhood? Why not.
You know, I jumped on the mother train just because I thought I didn't want to miss something that everyone else swore up and down was fantastic.

And that didn't come close to preparing me for how fantastic it actually would be. I always thought I was happy, but now I know I am. The ups and downs (so far) have been overwhelmingly worth it in the face of such joy. My child is still a toddler, so there are a lot of years to come, but I know that what I have already gotten is a total gift - one that I maybe didn't quite deserve. And yet it is all mine. :) Someone up there likes me.
I married pretty young but not because I wanted to have kids right away. In fact, for two or three years I thought I didn't want them at all. But there came a point in our marriage where we decided to stop trying so hard to prevent. Our son wasn't "planned" but he wasn't really "unplanned". So, why choose motherhood? Personally it was an outgrowth of the relationship I share with my husband; I guess you could say it was the natural next step for us. No one can tell you how much your heart changes when you have your own child. You just have to experience it. So far, the positive has FAR outweighed the negative. After being responsible for your own child, things that I thought were big deals just aren't now. I have more confidence in every aspect of my life. Another wonderful side-effect of motherhood is that it has made me grow fond of all children. I see them through a different lens now.
I realize each woman has to come to this decision on her own, but if someone asks my opinion, I would say, "Have kids!"



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