I started noticing the enthusiasm from you moms about cloth diapering, and when I talked with my mom and grandma about it, they told me that cloth is a huge inconvenience, messy, lots of laundry.

So tell me, ladies, what would you say to a first time preggers person about cloth diapers?  Please tell me the Pro and Con of disposable and cloth.  Thanks!

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no prob.  hope it was helpful.

The first thing you have to realize about our mothers and grandmothers views on cloth is that they did not have the wonderful fabrics we have today.  My grandmother hated that the plastic pants (think like a shower curtain) were not breathable at all, causing horrible rashes. Wool was too fussy and my mother shrunk more than she dares to admit.  Diaper services existed but low income families couldn't afford them. It was a common place thing that was the dirty secret because there was so much ignorance. Ammonia burns, rashes, yeast, etc were the frustrations. They still are, BUT there is much more knowledge to be had about how to stop and treat. 

Cloth diapers today are as easy as disposable w/o having to go to the store to buy more. With the great laundry detergents out there now, you are bound to find one that you love and that works for you. 

There are several things that make cloth the only choice anymore for me: 

Waste goes down the drain to the treatment plants, not to the landfill where it can turn into toxic runoff

My child is not exposed to chemicals in fresh doses continuously throughout the day

Rashes go away with ease 

When ever I'm running low, I do a load of laundry. 

After being in cloth, I discovered that my LO's developed rashes in disposables of any kind. Their skin had the appearance like that of what you find after having your finger in a water proof bandaid for too long. 

Also I've imagined that being in a disposable is like sitting on a disposable pad, so why would I make my child sit in it for the first years of their life? 

Lately too, I've been finding articles about when diaper companies changing their formula and it causes an outbreak of painful rashes. That and how small countries are finding ways to deal with their disposable problem, by turning them into green energy or into roof shingles.  How unsanitary is that process? We have sanitation plants set up to treat out waste, why not send out babies waste the same route? 




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