After reading through those great responses, I had another question....If you could magically be free from pain in birth, but no side effects no consequences for it...would you still choose to experience that pain? Or, is experiencing the pain part of the beauty of birth?

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It's not magic...many women experience that WITH a heightened awareness of the sensations in their body and what their baby feels like moving through their body using hypnosis. Programs like Hypnobabies are very successful in helping women have comfortable, enjoyable birthing times (not always pain free, mind you) but comfortable, doable, enjoyable, satisfying. I was with a mom a few weeks ago who was laughing during pushing! It can and does happen! You can find out more at or (no, not my site).

I agree with Micky, a little. Not all women experience pain. However, it does take a tremendous mental effort to rise above the contractions, which should be acknowledged.

If birth were pain-free and work-free, I don't think it would be as psychologically rewarding, honestly. The vast majority of women who have a successful med-free birth are overwhelmed with so much pride and self-confidence that they are, literally, changed forever by the experience. I don't think a woman would be rewarded with that pride and self-confidence if the birth were completely effortless.

Plus, the drama is kind of fun. LOL But I might be alone on that one. Not sure.



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