Why would anyone choose the hospital when there's this?




Ah, Andaluz Waterbirth Center.  The existence of this place makes me want to move to Oregon.


Imagine this. 

All-organic kitchen, where midwives prepare delicious foods for you to enjoy at any time during your stay.

Environment where an absolutely non-interventionist attitude rules.  I've seen a DVD of births there--they look almost unassisted.

Waterbirth is the norm.

Resort-like atmosphere. 

Private insurance and Medicaid (YES!  Medicaid!) pay all expenses.





Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow. 


Sorry if this has been posted before.

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Wow, that looks AWESOME! Of course, I'd settle for any birthcenter closer than 2 hours to me! Uggg. thanks for posting!
i would LOVE to have a place like this....but there are NONE in our area....so thats why we chose hospital
I'm having a waterbirth in the Chicago area in October at an ABC. :-)



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