Without stress, “your baby’s nervous system works smoothly. When you’re calm and centered, your baby is able to grow peacefully…”  

Both Verny and Chopra confirm a little-known fact of a very powerful new message: a pregnant woman’s thoughts alter her internal chemistry and affect her unborn child.
This message bears repeating.  
Take the childbirth experience, for example. What comes to mind? One woman’s thoughts invoke emergency rooms and bloody television scenes, creating fearful emotions. Another woman thinks about her sister’s natural water-birth and experiences joy and eagerness. A person’s thoughts either produce positive or negative emotion. A pregnant woman’s emotions are created based on the way she perceives her pregnancy, baby-shower plans, nursery decorations, spouse, work, health, money, traffic, or anything else. A pregnant woman’s thoughts are the precursor for her emotions. And her emotions are the precursor for the “neurohormones” that Verny mentions above.
“A preponderance of negative feelings may have a negative impact on your baby, while positive feelings will be life-enhancing.”
Thomas Verny, MD
Pre-Parenting, Nurturing Your Child from Conception,
Dr. Chopra writes, “Adrenaline, noradrenaline, oxytocin, serotonin, and most other messenger molecules are transported across the placenta and influence your unborn baby. These chemicals generate a cascade of responses in your body, and in the body of your unborn child.” He reveals exactly what research is showing:
“When a pregnant mother is anxious, stressed, or in a fearful state, the stress hormones released into her bloodstream cross through the placenta to the baby.”
“Hundreds of studies have confirmed that chemicals released by the pregnant mother’s body are transported into the womb and affect the unborn baby.”
Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives
These researchers have specifically linked Negative Thoughts as the root cause of the stress response.  Here is how those thoughts harm the unborn baby.
• Cell biologist, neuroscientist, and Stanford researcher, Bruce Lipton, PhD, sites six specific studies when he writes: “When passing through the placenta, the hormones of a mother experiencing chronic stress will profoundly alter the distribution of blood flow in her fetus and change the character of her developing child’s physiology.”
• “Stress activates the unborn child’s endocrine system and influences fetal brain development,” says Chopra, “Children born to mothers who had intensely stressful pregnancies are more likely to have behavioral problems later in life.” 
• Verny agrees, “…studies show that mothers under extreme and constant stress are more likely to have babies who are premature, lower than average in weight, hyperactive, irritable, and colicky.”
• Chopra writes, “When you are stressed, you release chemicals coded for stress, and every cell in your body receives the message.” Those cells include the growing fetus.
Here is how researchers are linking Positive Thoughts to happier healthier babies:
• On the other hand, says Dr. Verny, “Positive maternal emotions have been shown to advance the health of the unborn child.”
• “…thoughts which infuse the developing baby with a sense of happiness or calm can set the stage for a balance, happy, and serene disposition throughout life,” says Verny.
• Chopra agrees, “When you feel joyful, your body produces natural pleasure chemicals called endorphins and encephalins. When you are peaceful and relaxed, you release chemicals similar to prescription tranquilizers.”
• Without stress, says Chopra, “your baby’s nervous system works smoothly. When you’re calm and centered, your baby is able to grow peacefully…”

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I so agree and am seeing wonderful results this pregnancy in the overall health of myself and my baby.
I see that with my sisters children. They are teens now. My sister spent her first pregnancy by herself as her hubby was deployed with the Navy and see my neice does not tolerate stess nearly as well as the younger in which my sister's hubby was around and was a much more relaxed pregnancy for her. Also, the younger is more outgoing which may or may not have anything to do with the stress level associated with pregnancy.
Just my observations and agree how stress can play a factor in developement.
Great article - I'd recommend having a read of Dr Frederick Wirth's book Prenatal Parenting - it echoes everything here. Mainstream prenatal care is missing such a critical component of the baby's development - the mother's mind....


I agree with this. Thanks for sharing it. I have always believed that a Mother's emotion greatly affects the development of her unborn child. So always put a smile on your face and an even bigger smile in your heart when you are pregnant. Just think about how amazing pregnancy is, the miracle of life.

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