My last post on here was about my apprehension about a tentative induction on Dec 1.
Weeeelll...I went into labor at 3am today and did it all sans pain meds and now have a beautiful healthy daughter!
I'll give more details when I have time in this thread...but had 2 share.
Am soooo happy!

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Congratulations!! Now you get to enjoy bein a mama!!
Proud mama!
Yay!!! Congrats. xoricki
Congrats! Its so awesome to hear that you were in awe of your body after, and are enjoying motherhood so much!

My second I delivered on my side and I found that to be another good "laying down" option...I was on my side laboring and could not roll over - they would have had to physically roll me so I know EXACTLY how you felt about changing positions at that moment in time :-) I was able to avoid an episiotomy the second time around as well, bonus! The first time I was going to tear up if she didnt assist. ouch.

anyways, congrats again!



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