My last post on here was about my apprehension about a tentative induction on Dec 1.
Weeeelll...I went into labor at 3am today and did it all sans pain meds and now have a beautiful healthy daughter!
I'll give more details when I have time in this thread...but had 2 share.
Am soooo happy!

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Italian is a good enough excuse for me :-) You're forgiven =)
(Thank you for explaining the rest)

I understand the desire for a natural get to feel all the parts of labor, pushing, etc and to want it to be the best it can be. But I don't understand the huge resistance to all intervention. So they broke my what? I was fully dilated and the chances of a problem at THAT point WERE indeed very slim. What exactly are the risks with vacuum?
Cool, useful info, vacuum is not used in italy. Not that I know or ever heard of anyway.
I believe here the obstetricians/midwives are allowed to suture, at least in the home birth stories that I read, with small tearing they did(one was a 3rd degree).
Was it the very cute girl with curly hair you're talking about? Can't remember the names from the film.
Girl, you don't have to admit nothing, you did fabulous! As long as you are proud of your delivery and you and the baby are healthy and fine, then thats what matters! You did what more than half of women in america don't, and I think you get double credit for being in a hospital and still going natural(since the epidural was just down the hall!) I went natural with my first(in a hospital) and I labored mostly at home(arrived at the hospital at 8 cm) at 9 1/2 they broke my water with my approval, and yes I had to mull it over for a few contractions before I agreed, but I don't regret it at all. My best friend who was present gave natural birth in a birthing center and she thought I should have my water broken too. Don't regret a thing! Be Proud. 20 years from now, still be proud! You met your child without and drugs fogging you or your baby, how amazing! Congrats!
oh, and I agree with you, I originally wanted to be in a different position, but ultimately gave birth lying down because, well like you said, once you are in that position you just don't want to move again! lol You are awesome! :) Amanda
I'm so glad you're happy. That's SO important! Now, how's the breastfeeding/bonding thing going and how is your husband? Does he feel the same way you do?
BF started off okay...trouble getting a good latch that didn't hurt me. I never did master anything besides the cradle hold, but I like that one. Bonding is good...LOVE spending time with her. Hubby was EXTREMELY proud of me and it was great to have him there. Occasionally he'd try to crack a joke during my contractions and mostly I just did the 'grin and bear it' routine. I did tell him at one point to quit with the jokes, but I think it was hard for him and I tried to ignore them...he was trying to lighten up the mood and make me feel better so couldn't I blame him or get mad. He was very supportive and I don't think ever left my side. His presence there I'm positive helped him bond to baby too. How could someone witness a birth of their child and NOT be in awe! Before that baby was this 'idea' but watching her come into this world turned her into his daughter who he adores =)
I know it's kind of soon, but now that you know what to expect a little more, would you consider a birth center or home birth next time? And do you understand more about how to trust your body? Isn't it just amazing how our bodies were made to do exactly what it did without any help?
NO--I would still totally do a hospital birth. I find comfort in knowing that at any given moment the doctor and all the special hospital staff/equipment is there in case of an emergency. I'm not sure my body had a clue how to push...seriously...if I had to do the pushing all on my own without help, I"m not sure I could have gotten her out! Besides the staff and doc that delivered my daughter were wonderful, no pressure, no pushing of interventions kinda staff! They let me do my thing.

For me being at home would be more stressful for me. I have three dogs that would be whining, barking, and making a general ruckus. My home is not more comfy. I LOVED having nurses there waiting on me and making sure all was well for a couple of days. Good food (our hospital food is GOOD), good was a wonderful experience.
I was thinking about you and how you described your experience. You said you delivered at a small hospital, in a small town, and a hospital that you also work at, so one can assume you have a solid/friendly relationship with the nurses and doctors.

All those things are essentially the reason, I believe, many women choose hospital or birth center births in the first place. They desire a personal relationship and re pore with the people who will be instrumental in helping bring their child in to the world. They want to know that their opinions and feelings are going to be recognized, and their needs met. I'm not surprised that you had as wonderful an experience as you did. I'm also not surprised you would gladly choose to repeat it. Granted, there are still women who feel the need for more freedom, and thus homebirth/ birthcenter birth is still the better option. But if your experience was typical when women went to the hospital to deliver their babies, we would have a LOT less unhappy customers.
Congratulations!! I look forward to your birth story!



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