I have been truly amazed at all the attention CNN has given the subject of Homebirthing. Today they (cnn) have added a THIRD story (blog) about the subject and have included more of your iReport stories!
This is what CNN stated in today's article..... 

"When we asked women to talk about having their babies at home, we expected a strong response, but we were still surprised to see the flood of personal stories and intimate photos and videos. We heard from more than 60 women who shared their birth experiences and explained their decisions to give birth at home.


We used a some of these iReports in our story about the growing popularity and growing controversy over home births. Your stories gave us a lot of different perspectives on the issue."

I truly believe that many of the precious and intimate stories that were shared came from right here in the  MYBESTBIRTH community. These stories have really awakened alot more new mommies and daddies to the beautiful option of homebirth. 

Thank you all for making a difference!


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Some of the comments made me sad. People just spouting off in fear of something they don't understand, and unfortunately, they don't want to understand. They gotten so far away from their humanity that they can't conceive of birth being anything but perilous and painful.
I agree with you....some of the comments made me sad too. Unfortunately there is a 'herd mentality' when it comes to 'systems' that have been in place for decades....and it takes a great deal of courage to choose to 'swim upstream'. Those who have done the hard work of educating themselves then sometimes also have to plow through more obstacles of hearing family and friends doubt their decision on homebirth. Being an educated advocate of homebirth/midwives/doulas ect.....does bring enlightenment...... one mom/dad at a time....slowly it is happening.

This is what I rejoice in..... having the hope and belief that through all the stories shared that eyes were OPENED and many seeds were planted of the JOY of homebirth and the options of midwives and doulas attending and helping in the birth.

Have a wonderful day.....



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