Please join our My Best Birth Twitter Party on Friday, July 30 at 6:00 PM PST. We'll have prizes from Maternitique, Blissborn and Happy Baby! The theme this time around is "Pampering yourself during pregnancy." Come ready to learn about all the great ways mama-to-be can pamper herself naturally and affordably.  See you there!

What is a Twitter Party? A gathering of individuals on Twitter who follow a single conversation or subject using what are called hashtags.

What is a hashtag? A hashtag is the “#” sign. The hashtag for the My Best Birth Twitter party is #MBB. Whenever you tweet during the My Best Birth Twitter party to answer a contest question, ask a question, or make a comment, put #MBB at the beginning or end of your tweet.

Why do we use hashtags? If you login to Twitter and press the “Home” button, you will notice a search box in the right sidebar. If you enter #MBB in the box and press enter you will see all of the people participating in the My Best Birth Twitter party and will be able to converse with them!

How do I enter contests? Login to Twitter and make sure you are following My Best Birth at Then watch the My Best Birth tweets and when we post a contest, tweet back to us by pressing “reply” or tweeting to @MyBestBirth.

Example Tweet: “@MyBestBirth I just watched The Business of Being Born!"

Putting the “@” sign in front of a Twitter user’s name sends the tweet to them.

What is a Retweet? Also abbreviated like this: RT, a Retweet is a copy of a tweet.

Retweet: RT @MyBestBirth I just watched The Business of Being Born! 

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