This is something I have always thought about doing, but it never seems to get past the thinking about stage. Could you all give me some more info on it: pros/cons/brands. I really appriciate the help!!!

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Yes, I was in the same situation, but luckily had a friend who had her baby about 4 months before mine, so she was kind of the guinea pig for a lot of this new mom stuff. She used (still uses) FuzziBunz for her baby, and highly recommended them after doing a ton of research on the best cloth diaper. Most of the complaints you will find on reviews of other brands is that they fall apart. I haven't seen any bad reviews of FuzziBunz--just many moms saying they last beautifully and are very well made.

So I went ahead and got 20 of them and I absolutely LOVE them. They are one-size diapers with adjustable elastic and snaps that you resize as your baby grows. I've had them for about 4 months now and they are holding up beautifully. My friend who has had hers since the beginning and has been using them for about 9 months now said hers are holding up just like new as well, and I've heard that they'll last through a couple babies, so they are well worth the up-front cost.

It's really easy. I remember being really intimidated about the whole cloth diapering thing, but once you get used to it it's not big deal. All you need to do is probably order about 18 or so to have at least a day or two supply (depending on how many diapers you go through), and get a bucket with a top to keep the dirty ones in. Some people soak theirs in cold water, but I just throw mine in to a dry pail and wash every day or every other day. You prewash cold, then wash hot with a cold rinse. Then tumble dry low. I use an all natural soap (fragrance free). Pretty easy.

Totally go for it, you won't regret it. In the long run the cost savings are huge, especially if you plan on having more babies. Of course the whole "green" aspect of it is great too--makes you realize how wasteful the disposables are!

Good luck, message me if you have more questions.
Hi Jamie,

Ditto what Brandi said. Cloth diapering is not difficult or messier than a disposable. With the great diapers on the market, better detergents and machines it is really a breeze and of course it saves a lot of money.

Although I sell many brands of diapers I don't carry the Fuzzibuns, but do hear from many Moms who use them that they are very satisfied with them. There is a a ton of information on the web about diapers so it can be confusing.

You can narrow it down a bit by considering a few things such as would you prefer a natural fiber next to your babies skin or is cotton or cotton blend or other material okay. Natural fibers such as hemp and bamboo offer antibacterial benefits which greatly reduce rash, all natural fibers are easy to wash.

You can choose a one size or sized options. The one size typically fits infants to toddlers and many come with a cover attached. Some parents choose one style of diaper and others mix and match, but the point is that once you get going with it you will see that is not hard at all.

Here is some information you might find helpful

Have fun exploring and happy diapering!
Thank you guys!!! You've been very helpful!!! I'm pretty set on doing it now. I'm going to borrow cloths from a friend to make sure I do like them before ordering a bunch. I'm so greatful to have such great women to turn too when I need some advice!! I love this site!!!!
I found a web site with pros and cons. And the main con they had was more leakage. Do you guys find that to be a problem??
Leakage issues probably come from not having the diapers sized properly. If you are using one-size diapers, you just have to get the right level us snugness around the legs, and then it shouldn't be a problem. And like Jenn said, if you baby pees a bunch, especially at night, you can just add more pads to absorb and it shouldn't be a problem.

I have not really had leakage problems, only every once in awhile when my baby is way overdue for a changing for whatever reason, same problem you would have with a disposable. I have found that the cloth diapers absorb way more than disposables do--at least the FuzziBunz do. Sometimes its even hard to tell if they are wet! :)
My son is 10 months old. We use prefolds and fuzzibuns. I don't think it's that difficult. We also practice ECing (elimination Communication) which cuts down on washing diapers, especially poopy ones. I use Charlies Soap and a water softener. You will find plenty of tips online on how to care for your diapers. One of the best ways to deal with stains and smells is to sun dry the diapers, or at least sun them when you can. The natural light is the best killer of that nasty bacteria. Happy Diapering!
I didn't start CDing my daughter until she was 12 months old and I am so glad I did. The two reasons I cloth diaper are that they are natural and they saved me a ton of money. It is a lot of money up front but in the long run you are saving.

The only con I see is dealing with the poop when baby starts solids.
BTW, I used prefolds, Goodmamas, and some other mama-made fitteds. during the day we used wool longies or covers and at night we use PUL covers.

I was icked out by the thought of washing them out (major germaphobe) But like you I really wanted to try it out. I decided to go for it & see what I thought. I could always change my mind if I wanted. I went to local CD shop and I talked w/owner & she recommended one size covers instead of pocket diapers so wouldn't need as many. I bought 2 at first. A Flips brand and a MonkeyDoodlez Tuck and Go with inserts made by her (called g-flappers).  Didn't love the Flips (it used snaps to close & I found I preferred velcro).  For the first week, I alt between dispos & CD since only had 2 covers & 5 inserts. I decided I liked it & bought more--committed to permanent switch. I have been doing it for almost 4 mos. I am not committed to any brand but I found I like the covers & inserts instead of pocket diapers--I get to reuse covers over several changes so less washing & less to buy.


I just bought a SoftBums & a Blueberry & so far I like them both, although the SoftBums is less user friendly. Mine almost never leak--little at the beginning but I am sure that was user error :-) I actually love CD and get excited about it every time I go to the store.  I see them in other ppls carts & secretly gloat cause I don't have to buy any.


Hows the CD going for you?

Hey Sarah, I just now noticed your post.  CD is going great!!!  I found a local store that had a trial program for a deposit and small($15) fee.  The trial lasted a month and had many different kinds so I had the opportunity to try many out before making a purchase.  I started the trial last June and from the first day loved it!!!   At first I liked the pocket diapers, which led me to buying mostly pockets.  But since then my favorite has changed to all in one with organic cotton(the BumGenius is my fav).  So I plan to sell or trade most of my pocket diapers.


My little one surprised me by showing lots of intrest in the potty at 18months and in the last month(20mo old) convinced me she's ready to really get down to the potty training buisness.  I know without a doubt the cloth is a big reason she's started using the potty so young. 


My next adventure with cloth will be trying to make my own!!  I've gotten a few patterns and some PUL fabric.  But now it looks like I won't need any new until the next one comes along!!  In the mean time I'm going to practice the pattern by making some cloth diapers for my girls babydolls:) 



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