Hi! I just wanted to say welcome to the baby sign langauge group. My name is Danielle and I am a My Smart Hands instructor.

How long have you been signing with your little one?

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Hello! My name is Beth. I'm newly pregnant but I wanted to get a head start on signing so it will come naturally to me as I sign with my baby. I guess I'm excited!! I give "baby sign language" to my expecting friends.
I took ASL classes in college long ago.

Thanks for the welcome!
Hi, my baby girl Emerson is 3 months old today and I have been showing her signs since she was a few weeks old. (I wanted to get a head start). I am doing my best to make communication as easy as possible as early as possible. I look forward to learning more about baby sign and really incorporating it in our family. Thanks.
I'm Tiff. I have a 6 y.o. and a 1 y.o. with #3 on the way and due in late Jan. My uncle is profoundly deaf so I have been signing my entire life and I have made sure that my children have been exposed so that they can communicate with him also. My 1 y.o. is by far more into signing to my uncle than my 6 y.o. I have signed to both of my boys since the day they were born and plan to continue to do so with any other children.



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