I've started a carrier library! I have.... 5 Hotsling Fleece pouches, a AMC Mei Tai, a Old school Baby hawk Mei Tai (basically it has no headrest.. it's a 2006 model) aSleepywrap and I'm waiting on a ringsling.

I got these all at a cheap price (mostly just cost of Shipping) on tbw.com

I also have a Hopp wrap i my pesonal stash.. but it's my pride and joy so i may not lend it out.

Anyone else started up anything similar?

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I have a bunch of carriers but never though of starting a library. How are you setting it up? I have lent a few out as well-but just to freinds.
Well See that's the thing.. I'm not quite sur how to get them back once I've lent them out.

I was thinking of charging a small fee to use them for a month.. something like $5...
I'm not quite sure how tomake the rules. s far I've told people about i and gathered carriers together..

Any suggestions?



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