Babywearing: What is your favorite carrier and/or wrap and Why?

I am starting to research & look at baby carriers for future babywearing : ) A few that I came across that I like are: Mei Tai, Boba, Beco, wraps (like Moby, Boba, or others), etc. Than there's Ergos, but there are so many different kinds! However, they are supposedly the #1 carrier and they do look nice. I have also looked at wraps or Mei Tais on Etsy made by WAHMs-which are better priced of course, just as cute, & functional, plus it supports moms : )  I am not looking for the most expensive, rather budget friendly and I don't want one that is too bulky or busy, but rather simple & nice looking that isn't this huge bulky carrier as I am a petite woman. Also hopefully one that is not confusing or hard to put on or wrap. Simple, nice looking (probably with some kind of design on them or design panel i.e Mei Tais), & at a good price are the key : ) Thank you for any suggestions or advice!!


So what is your favorite(s) & Why??


Would you reccommend getting a carrier or wrap made by a WAHM like from Etsy??

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