I have tried quite a few baby carriers and I am looking into trying maybe a Mei Tai or Moby wrap this time. I came across a local stores web site that has great descriptions of the different types and their pros and cons:


I would love to hear what styles worked for you!

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I have a Napsack and several woven wraps. I started out with a Moby and loved it. That's what got me into woven wraps. I've also tried the buckle carriers and I hate them. Too many buckles. I love wraps because they are so versatile, and I love my Napsack because it has really wide straps. I call it the Mei Tai for wrap lovers :)
I was given a peanut shell and it has been great! However, I did recently try my friends moby and can understand completely the appeal to them, if I have another I will get one for sure!
I ended up buying 4 different baby carriers over a period of about a year. I didn't think I would ever buy that many, but when you are really committed to babywearing & realize its benefits, I think it's worth it to have a variety of carriers that fit different situations and sizes/stages of development of your children.

The first one I got was the Moby Wrap. It is, hands down, the most comfortable, versatile carrier I've ever used. It is the only carrier that causes me no discomfort whatsoever. The only cons are that it is a lot of fabric and can get hot.

Someone bought us a Baby Bjorn, and I know it has received criticism, but it was awesome when my baby couldn't support her head yet & I needed to be able to bend over (to do things like laundry, putting groceries away, etc.). I didn't wear it for extended periods of time, but it was GREAT for certain situations. It hurt my shoulders & isn't good for their development, so it shouldn't be worn much.

Next, I bought a HugaMonkey sling, and also love it. It is wonderful because I can carry my baby around on my hip without having to support her weight with my arm. It hurts my shoulder a little, but it folds down to such a tiny size and is so quick. It's great for babies who want to go up and down a lot.

Finally, I bought an Ergo. I haven't used it much yet, but I plan to use it for hiking, as it buckles around the waist, evenly distributes weight, and has a little hood to protect the baby from the sun (and support the baby's head if she falls asleep). Cons are that it can be a little tricky to put on by yourself, and baby can't face out.

Those are the carriers I have, and they're all I need! If you have to pick 1, I'd go with the Moby. My next favorite is the HugaMonkey, then the Ergo, then the Bjorn.
I have both and each has its advantages & disadvantages. Mai Tai is easier to tie but the baby seems to prefer the Moby style wrap--esp for sleeping and when I need him to be in it for longer stretches of time. www.wearyourbaby.com is a great site for comparing the different carriers and the pros/cons and carries you can do with each one, broken down by baby's age/type of carrier and type of carry! Great place for info & instructions on making your own carriers.
I used the metrowrap, like a moby and was happy with it however the cotten t shirt type matereal streched out at the top of the outside layer and I did not like that. Now my go to is the ergo. For us, it is easy to put on, and safe feeling. The only thing is, if I have him asleep and want to sit down without taking him out, it hikes up on me. Soooo, I like them both.
I love the Moby Wrap for it's versatility, comfort & affordability. That said, I live in south Texas and it is HOT! LOL I started my own line of sport & water wrap carriers that are 3 feet shorter tham the Moby & made out of jersey mesh. They dry fast & stay light in the water, so they make an all around comfy carrier. http://www.gobabygoshop.com/page56.html

Diane, mom of 4
Hi. I have a review on my blog of the carriers I have used. http://onelovelivity.com/childofnatureblog/?p=519 My favourites have been a Mei Tei (from My blessed baby etsy store - comfortable, easy to use with waist buckle and beautiful designs) and the Ergo carrier (sturdy, easy, reliable). I also now have a Bali Breeze wrap which I love as it is so versatile, cool and gorgeous. I'll be reviewing my wrap specifically next week. Happy babywearing!!!



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